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Thread: Gay Muscle Full Movies Studs New 2012 and Vintage

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    Lost Innocence 1

    Lost Innocence 1

    Video language: English

    Scene One:
    We all dream of meeting a guy like Ashley while out cruising in the park!! Willing to take cameraman Fred back to his place to show him what he gets up to when enjoying a wank. It's not long before the awesome hardcore cartoons are out and getting Ashley rock solid and wanting nothing more than feeling something up his begging hole. Whipping out a selection of toys, all it takes is a bit of spit and it's sliding up inside him while jerking off. If this is Innocence, I can wait to see what happens when it's lost!!
    Scene Two:
    That wank obviously wasn't enough for Ashley, as he and Fred head back out and pick up the super sexy Jenson for what we all like a bit of.. anonymous sex!! Taken back to a dismal building site place where Jenson pushes Ashleys head onto his massive cock, making him gag as it slides down his throat. This oral work will get ya cock twitching in no time, and when he's spun round and licked out before being pounded hard on the floor, you'll be spunking as soon as Jenson unleashes his thick load onto Ashley's sweet face!
    Scene Three:
    Vegetable fucking, hardcore ass pounding and threesome fun, this film just gets better and better. Going back with two smooth tattooed studs, you can tell this is going to be a gem of a scene. Multiple position changes means Ashleys hole is getting filled from every angle, stretching it as far as it can go. Don't miss the cucumber being thrust up inside him whilst he's already got a rock solid cock up there too!!
    Scene Four:
    UNMISSABLE!! Hard, hairy and horny!! Going to meet three men has never been more rewarding than this. These suited muscle studs can't wait to get what they want of the obliging Ashley and pound him senseless again and again as he begs for more in the horniest tag sex yet. HUGE black dildo fucking with Ashley bound and blindfolded, his hole getting well and truly used. Don't miss the fantastic HOT WAX finale, this scene has it all!!!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:36:13
    Video: 480x360, Windows Media Video 9, 1200kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 852.0 MB

    Download Lost Innocence 1

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    Kept After School

    Kept After School

    Year: 1982
    Country: United States
    Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Vintage
    Length: 00:46:48
    Director: none available
    Studio: Nova Films

    Description: Detention room leads to a four-way when the teacher falls asleep but he gets it in the end too.

    1. Kept After School pt 1
    Mike Barnes Org, Jeff Hunter (nv) OgAb, Buddy Hill Og, Hans Mueller (80s) Or
    Mike Barnes is pissed to find himself in detention hall again. However, when the teacher falls asleep, Mike gets an opportunity to pursue his favorite sport ... getting it on! Hungry Jeff Hunter is soon chowing down o Mike's thick cock! Hans Mueller ... known to his buddies as super-dick ... can't resist joining in on the action. Neither can sweet-assed Buddy Hill. Before long the whole is a wall-to-wall orgy while the teacher still peacefully sleeps away! Mike gets his first taste of cock from that giant rammer on Hans. Jeff takes it in his ass and down his throat and still wants more! Buddy gets gusher after gusher pumped down his throat!!!
    2. Kept After School pt 2
    Buddy Hill Ab, Hans Mueller (80s) At, Jeff Hunter (nv) OrAbRr, Mike Barnes At
    The red-hot gang bang continues and still the teacher sleeps. By this time the guys are too far into their hot sucking an fucking action to care. Buddy takes Mike's thick tool deep in his tight young ass while Hans is shoving his huge rammer deep in Jeff's willing butt. Buddy moans and pops his load all over himself. Mike shoots his all over buddy. Hans drenches Jeff's ass. Jeff is so hot he is shaking. All three of the guys start to work on that stud ... eating out his ass, sucking both hid cock and his aching nuts. Jeff lets out a hot moan and starts to cut loose his built-up nut load. At that instant their very surprised teacher wakes up!!!
    3. Kept After School pt 3: The Teacher Gets His - b1982
    Doug Mason OgAbRg, Buddy Hill Mr, Mike Barnes, Jeff Hunter (nv) Rr, Hans Mueller (80s) AtMg
    When teacher, Doug Mason, wakes up and finds his detention hour turned into a sex free-for-all, he's shocked. As his bad, bad boys attack and strip him he's furious. However, the boys are too intent to bother with niceties. Spreading their teacher across his desk, superstud Mike and big-dicked Hans go to work on Mr. Mason's ass and mouth. Then Jeff sits on the teacher's face and Hans is free to put his monster cock to work on little Buddy Hill's beautiful, tight ass. Soon everyone's juices are flowing - including a protesting Mr. Mason's - and spurting thick heavy loads.
    Still our boys aren't satisfied - especially Hans who wants his taste of teacher's ass. So while the other three hold him down, Hans invades Mr. Mason's resisting ass with his steely giant. Then Hans balls his way deep into the teacher's memories as his three companions indulge in a circle jerk that leaves Mr. Mason's face liberally coated with ropes of pearly semen. The sensual depravity of the situation is not lost on Mr. Mason as he coats the side of his desk with another juicy
    Begrimmed and befuddled, Mr. Mason isn't certain what to think in an ending that's especially amusing and apt.

    File size: 692.4 MB

    Download Kept After School

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    Brazilian Mountain Grown (2003)

    Brazilian Mountain Grown (2003)

    Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Big Cock, Uncut Cocks, Men of Brazil, Latino Men, Masturbation, Threesomes, Theme: Blue Collar/Warehouse Guys
    Starring: Vitor Frota, Ken Masters, Marcelo Garcia, William Boy, Ramon Gonzales, Toddynho, Leo Nicke, Andre Soares
    Studio: Pau Brasil Productions, All Worlds Video

    Hot coffee, hot memories and ahhh - the smell of Brazilian sensuality. Pau Brazil Productions is back with more of those over-sexed, uncut Brazil studs that unleash their man-to-man passions on each other.
    The action begins when Marcelo Garcia visits a coffee plantation and goes wandering the grounds. Soon he spots hunky Ramon Gonzales working in the warehouse. Ramon shows the cute Marcelo around the plant and soon the two go at each others muscular bodies. They kiss sweetly before Marcelo works his mouth down to Ramon's pert nipples and uncut, stiff cock. He sucks the muscle hunk off as Ramon then turns Marcelo around and rims his ass before sticking it to him doggy style. Next the muscular top gets his hungry bottom on his back and fucks the shit out of him missionary with the two dumping loads of thick cream.
    Andre Soares goes searching for his buddy Marcelo and he, too, runs into one of the plantation workers. The studly William Boy invites young Andre to sample more than the beans he's working on. He takes him to a down stairs storage area and the two kiss passionately before Andre goes to work on William's stiff prick. Andre gobbles down the big cock to the back of his throat. Andres does some butt tasting and tongue dives into William's muscular butt. He rims the young buck and then goes back to sucking the 9-inch Brazilian man meat. Soon, Andre is bent over and is receiving the massive cock up his ass. Turning on his side, Andre lets the big dick stud ram his ass in a scissor fuck before taking a seat on it. He strokes his cock with each thrust of the big cock up his ass until both men shoot their loads.
    The foreman, Ken Masters, walks into the warehouse and catches three of his workers doing each other instead of their jobs. The three men, Leo Nicke, Vitor Frota and Toddynho are naked - grinding their own steamy brew. Their bodies glisten from sweat as they caress and kiss each others muscular bodies. All three cocks spring to life and all three sport nice size dicks. Vitor works the hard cocks in his mouth as he gets fed boners from both sides. Vitor receives the first dick up his ass with his legs up in the air and a fatty in his mouth. The top men switch and Vitor sits on the second cock and bounces in ecstasy. Both of Vitor's fuckers stand above him and shower the hungry bottom with their man juices.
    After watching the steamy three-way, Ken has to go the bulge in his jeans. The handsome man strokes his pretty uncut pecker only to be discovered by Vitor, watching his boss and jerking his cock as well. Vitor moves in and kisses his foreman. The overheated boss works his mouth over Vitor's pert, hard nipples. Ken then sucks off his worker's boner as he strokes his own stiffy. Vitor goes down on his boss' man meat before sticking his tongue up his ass and rims Ken's beautiful, muscular behind. Vitor takes a stab at his boss' fuck hole and begins to pump his cock inside Ken. Next Vitor throws a scissor fuck and penetrates deeper inside his bosses love canal. The two finish fucking with Ken on his back and legs over his head as Vitor plunges even deeper until both climax.
    Brazilian Mountain Grown is filled with sexy, beautiful Brazilian men doing each other with passion! Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:25:02
    Resolution: 720x480

    File size: 1.0 GB

    Download Brazilian Mountain Grown (2003)

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    BrockMasters CollectorsEdition

    BrockMasters CollectorsEdition

    Year: 2004
    Country: USA
    Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Big Dick, Rimming, Muscle, Twink, Dad & Son, Group, Cumshot

    Starring: Brock Masters, Brent Everett, Court Logan, Kirk Kelley, Sandy Sloane, Duncan Mills, Jeremy Brooks, Vladam Velika, Franco Gorgino, Mikal Jante, Richie Miso, Vladimir Lacek

    Description: With scenes culled exclusively from his films directed by Chip Daniels, himself one of the legends of porn, Mr. Masters' massive body and cock are displayed to shattering effect. From Off Limits, underwear sniffer, Jeremy Brooks, hides in the barracks while Brock and fellow soldier, Duncan Mills get hot while reading a sexual letter. No surprise that Mills gets the shit fucked out of him by the very aggressive Mr. Masters.
    Time Cops hurled Brock through time back to the "Gunsmoke" era, where bottom sluts were as hungry as they are today. Sandy Sloane (looking rather modern) pays homage to Master's mighty rod before offering his "Miss Kitty" pussy for bronco riding. Shot from the rear, Brock's physique is awesome!
    Kirk Kelley plays an escaped thief who is captured by Brock in Wild Rangers. Instead of arresting Kirk right away, Masters decides to teach the half-naked cock tease a lesson. It's fortunate that Brock has such a huge dick; it's a near-perfect match for KK's commodious anus, which resembles the entrance to a huge grotto. He's fingered and then pounded.

    Man Academy # 2 shows sex between a cadet (Court Logan) and his commanding officer (Masters). Men can be such pigs! After Court's all-out cock sucking, ass-lapping and ball swallowing routine, he submits to an on-you-back, legs-up bitch fucking. Brock sprays Logan's face with a cup full of hot cream.
    I reviewed Navy Blues: Deeper in The Brig. Brock is in familiar territory as a Sergeant who threatens to throw Seaman, Brent Everett into jail for stealing. Brent promises to do anything to stay out of the brig. Brock seizes the opportunity and nails the young fucker by ravishing his mouth and then his deep, spacious sin-hole (beautifully shot).
    This whole thing is great. Chip Daniels gives you a night of pure entertainment. The extras are very enjoyable and you get to know Brock Masters. He's fun, sexy and a macho "gay man." The photography is top-notch and the production first-rate. Kudos to Chip Daniels for doing it right. One thing, Chip. Thousands of us would go bananas if we saw Masters with a full crotch of glorious pubic hair to go along with his ultra masculine persona.

    Quality: DVDRip

    File size: 981.2 MB

    Download BrockMasters CollectorsEdition

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    Frat Initiations 13 Tie Me Up, Jerk Me Off Three Lucky Guys

    Frat Initiations 13: Tie Me Up, Jerk Me Off - Three Lucky Guys

    Release Year: 2002
    Studio: Customboys Video
    Cast: Kirk Kelley, Joey Landis, Christian, Fernando Montoya
    Genres: Frat Studs, Amateur, Anal, Oral, Butt Play, Masturbation, Threesomes
    Video language: English

    Bunghole Buddies Bang Away As the pledge master warns, the two buddies pledging together are bound to do whatever he says if they expect to be part of the fraternity. These two look a bit fearful to start, and for some reason they remain convincingly afraid of the pledge master throughout. Later in the scene it appears that the reason is jealousy. The pledge played by Kirk Kelley clearly likes the other pledge, and he doesn't like the fact that the pledge master gets to have his way with him as well. He was hoping to be ordered to suck and fuck him and get fucked by him without the pledge master joining in on the fun. But lo and behold, the pledge master, played by Fernando Montoya, wants that dick for himself. Not only does he help himself to Kirk's desirable buddy, but he sandwiches himself between them, pounding the hell out of Kirk's ass as he takes his buddy's long shaft. The taunting is delectable, and the hard ass pounding is a treat to watch. You can imagine yourself in control, pushing your dick into a cute young ass while that guy's buddy has a hard cock ramming your hungry hole. Without a doubt, the cum shots in this scene are from horny young studs, as they shoot clear across the guy lying down and slam against the legs of the guy on the other side. The pledge master is drenched in a pool of creamy cum to conclude the ceremony of bonding. Whose Pleasure is it Anyway? Joey Landis is the pledge master in this scene, and he is initiating Christian Cox, a very young looking Twinkie who obviously heard what goes on during the initiations and decided that's exactly what he wants. Especially since this pledge master is very well endowed. It takes all of about 10 seconds for our pledge master to get the pledge on his knees sucking cock, and when it comes time for the anal hazing, young Christian is insatiable. He takes a monster dildo up his tight little ass so far you swear it will have to come out of his throat. When the pledge master gets his cock up the pledge's ass, he takes his time plunging in and out, enjoying the warmth that Christian's ass provides along his lengthy shaft. Again, these young men are chock full of hot creamy cum and unload their healthy stash of sperm with pleasure. First Christian shoots while getting fucked, then the pledge master sprays all over his body. Initiations ceremony aside, it is impossible to tell who has more fun. I guess it depends on whether you like to dominate or be dominated. Take your pick.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:20:16
    Video: 636x476, Windows Media Video 9, 1255kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 773.5 MB

    Download Frat Initiations 13: Tie Me Up, Jerk Me Off - Three Lucky Guys

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    Cum In My Ass

    Cum In My Ass

    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: SX Video
    Cast: Patrick Ives, Tony Serrano, Zach Nyhart, Take Williams, Dominik Rider, Chris Reins, Devon Auston, Sebastien León
    Genres: Oral, anal, group, bears, mature, 35-45

    SCENE ONE: Patrick Ives? big, meaty ass is the star of this pigfest and he gets deep-slammed first by Latino stud Tony Serrano?s long, hard, skyward-pointing cock. The two grunt and groan their way through several positions with SX capturing all the action up close until Serrano drops a load on and in Ives? ass.

    SCENE TWO: Nine-inch-hung Zach Nyhart steps up next to the assplate and has Ives panting in minutes. They are joined by Take Williams, who feeds cock to both to get warmed up. He then takes his turn eating and then cock-filling Ives? slick hole.

    SCENE THREE: Next in is cute Dominik Rider, known for being a sweet-ass bottom in several previous SX productions, shows his versatility by doggie-style fucking Ives into a sweaty lather.

    SCENE FOUR: When Chris Reins takes to the bed, Ives shows his oral skills on Reins? rigid fuckpole. The two get into some passionate kissing before Ives is once again with his ass in the air and receiving another load.

    SCENE FIVE: Tattooed Aushar, a stud from the infamous 13-man SX Barebacking With Jeff Palmer: Vol. 3 Gang Fucked DVD, fucks hard here with equal ardor and shoots a full stream of white juice.

    SCENE SIX: By the time Devon Auston, last seen in SX?s Raw Ass Fuckers 2, adds his juice to the sperm deep ditch, Ives is looking well-fucked and very content.

    SCENE SEVEN: The final scene is Sebastien León, a hairy-chested, bearded, verbal, muscle guy who has great chemistry with Ives. The two move like animals in heat and León gets his cock in deep while Ives holds his own legs up. To finish off, Ives jams a 9-inch dildo in his used-up hole and jacks off a well-earned release of spunk.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:00:08
    Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
    Audio: 93kbps

    File size: 906.2 MB

    Download Cum In My Ass

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    Dark Alley Media Cunt Wreckers

    Dark Alley Media - Cunt Wreckers

    Release Year: 2008
    Studio: Dark Alley Media
    Cast: Aaron Giant, Albert Viktor, Ben Armstrong, Brent Bow, Cristian Torrent, David Castan, Fist Absolute, Matthieu Paris, Mike Butt, Mike Butters
    Director: Matthias von Fistenberg

    Don?t you love it when you meet the man of your dreams, he holds you close, makes love to you tenderly and lovingly... well then this movie ain?t for you. Here anything goes. This wild orgy of hot, hairy, leather pigs pushing each other to their limits, stretching one's imaginations (and asses). Filled with hot bareback cum shots, fisting action, and leather studs, this movie is what Dark Alley Media is known for.
    For you greedy pigs, watch as these leather pigs drain more milk out of one another than a dairy farm. As they fuck, suck, fist, and breed one another?s holes with hot thick cum. Filled with great bareback shots, watch as they take turns on the greedy bottoms who are there to serve. Forcing their cocks down their throats, building up as much sweat as cum, these bottom boys are not done until all the guys have shot their loads deep into their asses.
    Mike Butt is up for any challenge, especially when it comes to seeing how much he can take up his ass, and David Castan is more than willing to help find out. At first David shoved a huge metal object into Mike?s ass preparing it for an even bigger black dildo. As Brent Bow is finally untied, he knows it?s only because David wants to have better access to his ass and mouth. Along with a friend, David begins to tease Brent?s ass with a fist dildo. After a little work, Brent?s ass opens up like the Grand Canyon. David and the rest of the guys take advantage of Brent?s gaping hole, shoving whatever toys they can find deep into his manhole.
    The great thing about orgies is that there is always plenty of cock and ass to be used. These studs take full advantage of the situation, shoving their cocks into any hole that is open. As they take turns fucking and sucking one another, you will feel like you are in the middle of the action. With plenty of close-ups of raw fucking and cum swallowing action, you'll almost feel the sweat dripping on you as these guys go at it with one another.

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 01:39:18
    Video: 848x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1048 kbps
    Audio: 128 kbps

    File size: 839.1 MB

    Download Dark Alley Media - Cunt Wreckers

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    Perfect 10 Wall to Wall Video 1986

    Perfect 10 / Wall to Wall Video / 1986

    Studio: Wall to Wall Video
    Cast: Brett Simms, Chad Johnson, Chaz Holderman, Cole Taylor, Matt Romero, Morgan Hunter, Pierce Daniels
    Director: Stephen Lucas
    Genre: Vintage
    Year: 1986
    Runtime: 80 min
    Country: US
    With no story, pretensions of art, or dialogue, Perfect 10 is a Stephen Lucas film packed with incredible non-stop sex. And it's a perfect vehicle for Chad Johnson.

    The opening segment has studly Chad in the shower being voyeured by Brett Simms. As Chad soaps up his huge, uncut cock, Brett pulls out his own and pulls on it. Soon the two hop on the sofa and Brett mouths his tool, watching himself in front of a mirror that Brett kneels near. Chad Johnson crams his meat into Brett Simm's butt and long dicks him hard, ending by shooting his load all over the camera lens (shot in slow-motion). Brett blows his own huge load too, seen through the cum-covered lens on which Chad spewed.

    Next, in a sleazy three-way, Pierce Daniels gets a vigorous butt-pounding by Chaz Holderman while he's swallowing Chad's hard-on (he swallows all of it too, only matched (at least on video) by Gino Del Mar in that feat). Strong jabs encompass this hot fuck and the camera zooms in to show him pulling all the way out of Pierce's hole. The tops trade places and Chad plunges the bottom hard, increasing potency as he goes.

    Matt Romero (who is often billed as Matt Hawks) gets his asshole sucked and finger-fucked by handsome and hairy-chested Morgan Hunter. They alternate blowing each other and 69ing together before cumming.

    Moving right along, the camera zeros in on Cole Taylor's crack while he's on the receiving end of anal intercourse with Chad. Several hard jabs and a worn-out ass end with Chad blowing in slow-motion over his butt. Eschewing plot and characterization, "Perfect Ten" is solid sex from start to finish. Pacing is steady, camerawork and lighting are fine, and the roving voyeuristic lens gives Perfect Ten a sweaty, oozing, obsessive, up-close look. This is the kind of video you can almost smell.", Adult Video News. This reviewer warmly recommends this true especially if you like you close-ups big and your ass filled hard with huge dick.


    File size: 899.5 MB

    Download Perfect 10 / Wall to Wall Video / 1986

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    ShowGuys 439 Adrian R Alone && With David Cody

    ShowGuys 439 -Adrian R Alone & With David Cody

    ShowGuys 439 -Adrian R Alone & With David Cody

    Year: 2004
    Country: US
    Genre: Amateur, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Solo
    Duration: 00:52:36
    Directed by: Sam Linnell
    Studio: ShowGuys Video
    Cast: Adrian R., David Cody
    Description: First, enjoy a solo masturbation scene from the sexy Adrian R. This was his first time in front of the camera, but he shows just how comfortable he is with showing off his very hot body, and as he continued to do throughout his long ShowGuys career. He shoots an especially thick, creamy load of pure white cum.
    Then, David Cody (with his monster cock) is back in town, and here he is paired with our favorite bottom Adrian R. They start in their underwear and after greeting Sam, get busy with lots of deep kissing. David is fascinated with Adrian's nipple rings and uses his tongue on them, which causes the crotch of Adrian's underwear to balloon hugely.
    David pulls Adrian's shorts off, then peels off his own, and continues sucking on Adrian's nipples while playing with both his own and Adrian's dick. Adrian returns the favor, and fondles David's dick while kissing him. David stands beside the bed, and Adrian sucks on him, and soon David reaches a very impressive full erection. David slaps Adrian's face and tongue with his huge cock and continues fucking Adrian's mouth. They stand up and pose for the camera, then David drops to his knees and sucks Adrian some more.
    David pushes Adrian down on his back, and shows off his ass. The guys arrange themselves on the bed and sixty-nine. Adrian goes up on his knees and David sucks his balls. But it is time to move on. So David puts on a condom, Adrian lubes up his ass hole and David's cock, David lies on his back, and Adrian sits on him. David's long thick pole slowly eases up Adrian's ass, until it is buried to the hilt, and David starts thrusting. It looks as if Adrian has an arm up his ass.
    Adrian turns around, and gives us a superb frog. David puts his knees up and really starts pumping up into Adrian, who is, as usual, as hard as a rock. They roll into the spoon, and we get great penetration shots. David goes back on his back giving us another frog, and jerks Adrian while he is fucking him. They roll into doggie style.
    Finally they lie side by side, and jerk themselves off. Adrian shoots first, his usual thick, creamy load, immediately followed by David shooting his own geyser. And Adrian confesses he has already cum while being fucked, and this was his second orgasm. Two happy guys get on their knees, pose for the camera, kiss and wave goodbye.

    Quality: DVDRip
    Video Format: WMV
    Video codec: Windows Media
    Audio Codec: WMA
    Video: WMV2, 640x480 (4 / 3), 29.970 fps, 1999 Kbps (0.217 bit / pixel)
    Audio: WMA2, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch, 64.0 Kbps

    File size: 811.7 MB

    Download ShowGuys 439 -Adrian R Alone & With David Cody

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    Hittin It Bareback

    Hittin It Bareback

    Release Year: 2011
    Studio: San Diego Boy Productions
    Cast: John Wright, Aaron Tyler, Alex Ryder, Kaiden Ertelle, Trey Kennedy, Jonathan Cole, Seth Costa, Tim Hunter, Brian Wood
    Genres: Amateur, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Freshmen, Twinks, Smooth, Masturbation, Solo

    These two versatile 20-year-olds both get off knowing people are watching. As the action begins, the clothes come off and Jonathan takes charge. Kissing, sucking & riming all lead to Jonathan's bare cock sliding with ease deep inside Brian. Watch as Brian just eats it up. You can see it in his face that having a cock up his ass is a total turn on! After Jonathan's deep hard fucking of Brian, it's time to flip flop and Brian rams his raw cock up Jonathan's ass. After lots of kissing and fucking, Brian creams Jonathan's face, and then Jonathan creams his load on Brian's ass.
    SCENE 2 - TREY & TIM
    Trey and Tim are getting turned on as they check out the guys at the pool. To ease their urges, bottom boy Trey suggests they fool around and slurps up Tim's rock solid cock with his mouth. Soon Tim slides his lubed cut bare cock into Trey's tight hole as he moans with pleasure. Trey gets fucked from top to bottom and still wants more from Tim. Tim pumps Trey's hole till climax as he pulls out to shoot his thick load. Trey follows instantly with another gushing nut.
    SCENE 3 - SETH
    This scene starts out with a behind the scenes look at Seth's photo shoot. As you can see, Seth has spent a lot of time working on his chiseled body. After the photo shoot, Seth hits the shower and soaps up a raging hard-on and plays with his virgin hole. After we learn more about Seth with a quick Q & A, he rubs one out of his massive cock.
    Aaron joins Kaiden in the shower to soap up and lube up their cocks and ass. Aaron takes Kaiden's raw cock deep and hard while bent over in the shower. Later in the bedroom, the fucking continues as Kaiden continues his ass-plowing rampage on Aaron's tight puckered hole.
    Alex joins John in the shower with a raging hard-on. Soon Alex has his thick bare cock ramming john's ass. These two like sex deep, hard and rough. After the shower, the non-stop condomless fucking continues as Alex keeps on drilling John's ass. Alex gives John a cum facial, licking up all he can get. John then moves into position to shower Alex with his creamy load of Jizz.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:40:35
    Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1149kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 871.5 MB

    Download Hittin It Bareback

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