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Thread: Gay Muscle Full Movies Studs New 2012 and Vintage

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    Catalina Video Night At The Rawhide

    Catalina Video - Night At The Rawhide

    Studio: Catalina
    Cast: Trent Atkins, Cameron Sage, Zane West, Jake Marshall, Luke Bronson, Jessie Cooper, Steven Richards, Zach Falconer, Robert Black, Clint Taylor
    Director: Brad Austin

    Calling all cowboys and cowpokes. Take a ride on your favorite horse and head on down to Hollywood, California. It'll be a time to remember when all the hot cowboy studs let it all hang loose for a Night at the Rawhide. They'll be sucking, fucking, and licking their way through the night in this hard-core cowboy sex fest.

    At the Rawhide bar, the staff are getting ready as the horny patrons arrive at this hot cowboy spot. Jake is supposed to be working but is found working it with a customer. He heats things up when he brings Jessie Cooper inside the beer cooler. Jake sucks Jessie's uncut cock and then eats his smooth tight hole. Jessie then slams his large cock in and out of Jake's hot, hairy hole. The cowboy friction causes him to lose his load right in the middle of this forceful fuck. Jessie spills his cowboy juice all over Jake.

    Steven is the security guard at the Rawhide. When he's called upon to remove an unruly drunk customer from the bar, he has a much better way to handle this boy. Zane snaps out of it enough to service Steven's sizable cock. Steven fucks Zane good 'n hard from behind before Zane jumps up and down on it like he was riding a wild horse.

    Zach's working hard at the entrance of the bar but all the hot entries get him somewhat worked up. A bathroom break has him checking out Robert Black's pissing cock before they're both on the ground sucking each other off. Zach sprays a shower of cream that pours down Robert's face. Robert then shoots his load into a glass and drinks it.

    Cameron has to close the bar tonight, so he calls his man Clint to let him know he'll be late. That's okay with Clint because he's being serviced by Luke. Both guys suck each other's cocks before Luke slides his tongue in and out of Clint's furry bear hole. Luke fills Clint's hole up some more with his hard cock. Meanwhile, Cameron asks cute little Trent to help him close things up. The two are finished after a good fuck and a splattering of cum all over the floor. Put on your fuck boots and head for a Night at the Rawhide.

    Duration : 01:23:25
    Resolution : 512x384
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (DivX 5), 1 200 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 799.5 MB

    Download Catalina Video - Night At The Rawhide

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    Pompiers Mis A Nu

    Pompiers Mis A Nu

    Video language: French

    ls sont pompiers. Jamais ils n'auraient pensé poser nus un jour. Nous avons réussi ?  les faire poser ?  poil, grâce ?  un modèle pompier qui nous a aidé ?  entrer en contact avec certains de ses collègues. Ils n'ont jamais posé nus sauf un modèle. Tous les autres, sont exclusifs pour vous. Mattez-les se déssaper, se mettre en érection, se branler et se faire branler leur grosse tige de pompier par nous. Du jamais vu en France : 8 pompiers nus en érection. Ils pensaient poser en solo, mais comme les pompiers c'est notre kiffe, quand on en a un sous la main, on hésite pas ?  jouer avec sa grosse bite. Mattez Keri. Ce mec tbf-tbm était au départ peu chaud, mais ?  force de le branler, il s'est laissé aller et a jouit. Luc, cet hétéro qui ne pensait pas que se faire branler par un mec le ferait bander, a été très surpris. Même s'il est mal ?  l'aise dans la vidéo, sa bite est raide ! Julien, lui aussi pas ?  l'aise et pas très chaud qu'on ose lui toucher la bite, se laisse faire mais surveille nos moindre gestes. C'était la première fois qu'un mec le branle en vidéo. Manu, une sacré grosse bite épaisse et puissante. Lorsqu'on le branlait, sa bite durcissait tellement qu'elle repoussait notre main. On l'a branlé, palpé comme pas possible, un pur régal, alors que lui, pas ?  l'aise, mattait sa grosse bite se faire branler ?  fond. Sa grosse est devenue notre jouet ! Tous ont une sacré bonne grosse bite que nous avons branlé sans limite. Sylvain. Ce bi très canon est venu pour du solo. Mais excité par les formes de la bite de notre photographe sous le caleçon, il a saisit cette bonne bite et l'a pompé ?  donf. Il aime la bite, et ce marin-pompier sait comment la bouffer ?  fond de gorge. Du bon jus de pompiers Français que nous avons fait tirer jusqu'?  couilles sèches, ?  matter dans cette vidéo canon ! 100 % Français, 100 % masculins, 100% bandants ! Enfin des mecs "mecs" dans une vidéo de solos assistés!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:11:42
    Video: 640x480, DivX 4, 1683kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 954.7 MB

    Download Pompiers Mis A Nu

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    Confessions of a Male Groupie

    Confessions of a Male Groupie

    The drugs and sex debauchery of Rock-n-Roll world of the 1970?s gets a gay twist in this joyous yet frustrating porno cum cautionary tale Confessions of a Male Groupie. Subtitled (in homage to Stanley Kubrick and his black sense of humor) ?How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Electric Banana?, this slice of a certain kind of life incorporates and captures the freewheeling abandon of post-hippie culture in Hollywood. At times this film is both shocking and radical, with its scenes of shooting up and celebration of pleasure for pleasure?s sake, but ultimately the rapturous ride of the main character, known only as The Groupie, ends badly. As for the sex, well, there ain?t no anal here, only some blowjobs and sixty-nining, but anyone who sees this film will realize that the sex is not the point.

    Larry Danser, The Groupie, begins his journey with a line of coke. He sniffs the drug while listening to George Harrison?s ?My Sweet Lord? and goes into a fever dream that begins with him dancing in a white-fringed poncho and ends with a jack-off session. The camera traces his hot little body as he works his erection; his face tilts back in ecstasy as droplets of pudding splatter onto his torso. Somehow this experience changes him and he decides to travel cross-country to Los Angeles. He explains as he walks along the streets of Anycity U.S.A how America looked a lot like his hometown, only bigger. He reaches Hollywood and, in what can be understood as the movie?s theme, tells us, ?when I hit Hollywood it hit me back.?

    He meets Sweet Lady Mary, a large queen of the groupies who looks stunningly like Mama Cass. She introduces him to a hedonistic lifestyle of lying about eating chocolate, smoking dope, and sauntering around town in fabulous clothes. Mary is also the woman all rock stars visit when in town. She and The Groupie spend most of their time waiting for the next group to arrive. Soon enough, The Electric Banana makes their way into Mary?s house and The Groupie?s heart. The Electric Banana is a three-man mess of long hair and a lust for all things illegal. Two of the members, Jeff and Frank, are lovers. One night they make stoned love on Mary?s bed as she sits on an adjacent chair licking a lollipop in tandem with their oral exchanges. The Groupie is officially hooked; now he wants the Rock-n-Roll life, especially Steve, the other member of the band.

    Mary teaches The Groupie how to make plaster casts of rock star cocks (Cynthia Plaster Caster anyone?) so he can reach his goal of getting with Steve. Before this happens, though, he jacks off to a James Taylor album cover and Mary takes a smacked out bath. Finally, The Groupie gets it on with Steve, and the sex is about as exciting as Carrot Top?all gangly face fucking and tentative kissing. The film abruptly ends with a wonderfully shot and edited ?anything goes? party that features various bedazzled men and women doing all sorts of sordid things. The Groupie then explains that all of this happened three years ago and since then he?s been busted for possession, Mary has dies of an overdose, and the Electric Banana broke up because one of the members was drafted.

    Even in the midst of the decade of liberation some people knew that it was going to come to a crashing halt. However, I don?t think that even Tom De Simone, who always snuck conservative messages into his films, knew what was really coming?the 1980s. Nonetheless, Confessions of a Male Groupie is a testament to a world that can never exist again.

    Stars: D.C. Michaels, Larry Danser, Myona Phetish, Ruffin Tumble, Sky Kinque, Sweet Lady Mary
    Director: Tom DeSimone
    Released: 1971

    Duration : 00:58:36
    Resolution : 640x480
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 1 998 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 896.8 MB

    Download Confessions of a Male Groupie

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    Bareback Ranch

    Bareback Ranch

    Release Year: 2004
    Studio: Tipo Sesso International
    Cast: Nick Fury, Stephen Byrnes, Kayden Scott, Bryant Powers, Diego , Nicholas Dixileta
    Genres: Twinks, Oral, Anal, Bareback, Rimming, Group

    Tipo Sesso is back with another all bareback outdoors movie. This time, a new group of boys with two vets from Barebacking Across America make their way to a ranch.
    Early arrivals TJ and Nick find a secluded place to trade blowjobs, followed by TJ bending Nick over a hay bale for a fuck. Nice to see Nick with a hardon while TJ pumps him which he gets to use for a brief flip-flop opportunity. Soon, Nick's on his back with his bud pumping his load on Nick's hole then sliding it back in for a few more strokes. Cum loving TJ takes Nick's cumshot on his tongue and lovingly cleans up every drop off the shaft as well.
    The rest of the group has arrived for an evening campfire and a 7-man daisy chain a'la Higgins' Class Reunion. It's getting a bit chilly for everyone except Stephen and Kayden who stay by the fire. Kayden's ass gets soaked with spit and Stephen uses it to fuck him in multiple positions. The boys cum on each other's mouths, but it's clear Stephen wants a taste and Kayden doesn't.
    In the one indoor scene, Diego and muscular, military looking Bryant get together. Something is clearly wrong with one of the two cameras for this scene that is very distracting. Diego bottoms here and has a nice gusher of a cumshot splashing his own face. Bryant pulls out to cum on Diego's belly, then dives his cock back in for more strokes.
    The finale is the orgy scene with all seven guys. Center stage is the sling that Nick's ass warms up taking Kayden. The other boys are busy as well, with Stephen fucking Nicholas, and Diego's ass getting plugged by TJ and Bryant. TJ's ass gets slingtime, taking everyone except Nick. Diego and Bryant to pop their loads on TJ's hole and stick it back in to work the cum in. Stephen blows in TJ's hungry mouth and chest, dipping his cock in to soak up the spill to give TJ more. Then Nick also shoots on TJ's chest adding to the pool, using his cock to mix the two loads and feeds TJ as well. If that isn't enough Kayden drops his load in TJ's mouth, then an unknown cock shoots between TJ's legs soaking him even more. Whew!
    This one is recommended if you like to see young guys bareback and swallow cum. The soundtrack playing throughout the movie needs to go, but at least it didn't cover the natural sounds of the boys.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:37:00
    Video: 496x368, XviD, 852kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 698.7 MB

    Download Bareback Ranch

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    Hard Hat Pigs

    Hard Hat Pigs

    Description: Lance Hancock is pissed. He?s pissed at his contractor, Jay Benjamin, and his four-man crew (Virgo, Philip Mihol, Sergeant Bubba and Mace) for dragging their asses on finishing the work in his house. When he chews Jay out, and Jay passes it on to his crew, the stage is set for mutiny. And as soon as Lance enters the house, he goes from being pissed to being pissed on and in, and from chewing out to being chewed out of his ?tude; nude and lewd, this dude is screwed. Any all-male construction crew naturally builds up tension when deadlines loom, and the slightest hint of extra testosterone is enough to ignite a sexual explosion, as Lance soon discovers. These guys need and they are gonna cum at his expense. Add anger to perpetual horniness, and it smells like rape. And that?s what these guys do to Lance ? they nail him to the tool table, then proceed to nail him with their throbbing tools. Philip shoves his cock in Lance?s mouth and chokes him with it. Virgo, Mace and Bubba piss all over him. Virgo fucks him, and Jay pissfucks him. Once the juices start flowing, there?s no holding back this crew of bareback gangbangers. Lance isn?t the only one in need of an attitude adjustment; the aptly named Philip Mihol, the most aggressive bottom in video, also gets fucked into submission by Bubba, Jay and Mace ? gangbanging at its best. Pretty soon Philip is predictably begging for dick, cum and piss ? the ultimate cock-crazy cunt whore. Bubba?s beercan billy club of a cuntwrecker makes Philip his bitch, pushing out his juicy rosebud and shouting, ?Fuckin? slam it in! Fuckin? slam me!? By the time Bubba cums deep up his ass and Philip licks his cock totally clean, it?s not rape anymore, it?s love ? not puppy love, but bitch love. Then he wags his tail for Jay Benjamin, who demands to see his rosebud: ?I want that fuckin? ass to say ?Fuck me!?? Jay teases Philip with his cockhead, then bangs his hole without mercy while Philip moans, ?Push it in! Pound it! Pound it! Come on, boss, fuck it! Put your fuckin? cock up my ass!? On the other hand, his ass isn?t his only asset; when Bubba mouth-worships his body-builder biceps, Philip croons, ?Yeah, kiss my fuckin? 18-incher.? Mid-orgy, this cock-crazed crew are interrupted by a delivery boy (Ty O?Brien). Within a minute, he?s stripped of his shorts and shirt, bent over the tool table in his black jockstrap, and fucked raw, dry and deep by Lance, passing back some of that fuck rage, followed by Jay, while Virgo shoves his cock into Ty?s protesting mouth. If rape turns you on (and if you?re any kind of man, admit it ? it probably does), watch Ty?s face as he processes the helpless pain and pleasure of anal penetration, resisting yet being turned on against his will. By the time Jay tells Ty, ?We?re all gonna get a fuckin? turn? at his well-used studfinder hole, he smiles, laughs and shouts, ?Yes, sir!? This is one delivery boy who doesn?t have to stand to deliver. Later on, though, his cock stands tall and proud as he delivers a steaming shower fuck to Philip (who cries out, ?Dick me, bitch! Bone my ass!?); after that, fucking Virgo, he shoots the first part of his cum load onto his ass, then pushes it inside with his cock, finishing up his special delivery in Virgo?s hot hole. This is Virgo?s Dick Wadd debut, and it?s clear he?s destined for great things ? millions of male things, anyway. He?s like a boy just discovering how good his dick can make him feel. You will never see a more dedicated raunch slut in video, and probably in real life. He does it all, and he does it with gusto. You won?t be able to take your eyes off him as he alternately fucks Lance and eats his sloppy hole; slurps up Mace?s piss to spit all over Lance, who?s getting fucked by Jay; squirts several cumloads and sucks down others; gets fucked by Jay wielding a huge, black strap-on dildo; and even fists himself. One of the highlights of HARD HAT PIGS is when Virgo fucks Lance, then fists him, then shoves his cock in beside his own arm, turning it into a fuck/fistfuck-fest. You?ll hear lots of hot sex talk during any Dick Wadd video, but you rarely hear a three-dollar word like ?insatiable?, except here, where Jay Benjamin can?t refrain from using it, repeatedly and admiringly, about Virgo. [See lots more of Virgo in Dick Wadd?s PIGS AT THE HOIST.] There are some dynamite close-ups in HARD HAT PIGS ? the camera so close you can just about stick out your tongue and taste the action. Bubba?s cock squishing its way through Philip?s rosebud; from below, Ty?s jockstrap dripping piss while his ass gets slam-raped; Lance pushing out his well-spermed asshole into a royal dripping rosebud; Ty felching his cum from Virgo?s slimy mancunt; Bubba catching the drippings from Philip?s hole as he farts out a cum load. And unlike some bareback videos on the market today, you can?t miss the cum traveling down Virgo?s tongue into his belly, or out of Lance?s cock into Philip?s muscle asshole. And what?s the point of barebacking without masculine body fluids? Each one is special, and each gets its due in HARD HAT PIGS. Each stud on this crew will verbally abuse you with your unworthiness, and make you beg for sexual favors you can?t even acknowledge you want, much less deserve. He?ll hose you down with his piss, and force you to swallow it, reminding you that you must be worthy of his waste water before you can earn his cum. He?ll spit on you, so you know you have no value outside the dominion of his cock. He?ll force you to lick his pits and eat his ass, so he can imprint his smell and taste on you. And when you have no resistance left, he?ll finish asserting his territorial rights by taking possession of your throat and asshole with his raw, triumphant cock, sealing his ownership with his sacred semen. It can?t be done with condoms; it only counts if his cum goes down your throat and up your ass. So next time you feel like shoving it to some boy slut, or if you want to be initiated into cock slavery and the roughest of the rough ways of manhood by making your body a lightning rod of lust, go find yourself some HARD HAT PIGS?they know the drill.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 01:40:06

    File size: 743.7 MB

    Download Hard Hat Pigs

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    Black Power

    Black Power

    Director: Brad Austin, Chet Thomas
    Starring: Gene Lamar, Rick Pantera, Mack Daniels, Damian Michaels, Joe Simmons, Mitch Green, Alexander Cort, Bo Stallion, Dennis Lincoln

    Joe Simmons, who became nationally known for his print work for famed photographer Maplethorpe, brings his oversized slab of meat front and center in this compilation of the best "black" scenes from Catalina's vast library of movies.

    This is a compilation tape of Catalina black male videos from the early nineties. The first scene stars Rick Pantera, the smooth-skinned, caramel-colored, and well-hung stud who is probably the best-known performer on this tape. His co-star looks a bit too much like Ike Turner and seems mostly bored. Their sex is strictly by the book, though Pantera gives up a splashy ejaculation.

    Scene two, from Black for More, stars Mack Daniels, Damien Michaels, and Gene Lamarr in a three-way. They are in an ornate banquet hall, where the meal consists of plump black sausages. The highlight of the scene is the duplex rimming and sucking, in which one lucky guy slurps on one bottom stacked on top of another.

    Two muscular, hairless guys appear in the third scene. Both have long cocks. One of them (who looks kind of like LeVar Burton) makes his dance like a charmed snake. The other has a pronounced outtie belly button. Is anyone out there into that kind of thing?

    Pantera returns with Alexander Cort in a scene from Black Draft. Cort, who appears under a different name in Manhattan Latin, has one of the biggest cocks you are likely to find in all porndom. In this scene, however, his meat is not shown to its full glory, and Cort in long hair looks like Little Richard. On the other hand, Pantera delivers a stirring performance, nibbling on Cort's foreskin and shooting sperm all the way to the back of Cort's head, after pulling his dick out of the super-hung bottom.

    Scene five stars Bo Stallion and Dennis Lincoln from Black for More. The two are handsome, but not spectacular. Nor is the sex.

    All in all, except for handsome Pantera and his veritable fountain of cum, this is typically lackluster, early-nineties material where the men aren't so good-looking and the sex not so inspired. The cocks are not always hard, either; in revisiting an older video like this, one really notices the contribution Viagra has made to the industry.

    Duration : 01:10:20
    Resolution : 640x480
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (MPEG-4 Visual), 1 777 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 946.8 MB

    Download Black Power

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    Non Stop (1984) DVDRip

    Non-Stop (1984) DVDRip

    Produced in: 1984
    Country: USA
    Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, Vintage
    Duration: 01:20:31
    Director: Steve Scott

    Casey Donovan, Daniel Holt, Eric Ryan, Jorge Rodriguez, Peter Wave, Steve Anthony, Steve Collins

    Steve Collins portrays an airline steward who goes from L.A. to New York to visit his best pal Casey Donovan, engaging in Non-Stop sex along the way! One of Casey Donovan's best films, and the Daniel Holt scene on the West Side Piers isn't bad, either! The beginning is very story oriented, explaining the intersection of the character's lives but by the end they guys are just crossing paths without explanation. Early publicity pictures seem to reference a scene, with Daniel Holt and two non-descript tattooed guys, that isn't in the final product.
    1. Peter Wave, Steve Collins
    Steve Collins is between flights and he stops at a friends house for overnight only to find platinum blond Peter Wave naked in a bed with his bubbly white out up for everybody to see. After Steve gets arrangements made for his next layover and Peter has had a shower, Peter makes the first move playing with Steve dangling uncut cock. After a little lip service from Peter, the two 69 on bed and then Peter takes a saddle ride on that big ol' dick. Switching to doggie style and then missionary, Steve pounds away until the both of them can't hold out any longer and spill their juice on Peter's taught stomach.
    2. Casey Donovan OrgAtRg, Steve Anthony OrgAtbRr, Steve Collins OgAb
    On his next layover in New York, Steve lets himself in but Casey Donovan and Steve Anthony are already asleep, naked on top of the bed and snuggled in each other's arms. Steve, naked too, lays down to sleep with them without waking them up. The next morning, Steve taps his co-sleepers awake and they warm up to the day with sex. Anthony starts in the middle sucking Casey while Collins sucks him. Next Collins lies face down while Anthony enters him face down with Casey encouraging Anthony on with fingers on the back side. Not content with just fingers, Casey applies his tongue to Anthony's bounding ass hole and the fucks the fucking fucker himself. They separate and Collins his load followed by Anthony with his two partners franticly licking up the jism from their hairy friend.
    3. Eric Ryan OgrAbtMg, Daniel Holt OgrAbtMr
    Daniel Holt and Eric Ryan wake up naked in bed together. (Can't these people afford pajamas?) Daniel starts the day with some cock sucking and they pleasure each other simultaneously with a 69, Eric bouncing his hips above Daniel and he fucks face. Then Eric is face down as Daniel pounds his hips into Eric's stretched hole and then they reverse roles. Eric drops his spunk on Daniel's ass but then just has to have a few more strokes so he puts his cum slicked dick back in. Always the gentleman, Eric reaches around Daniel's waist and jerks the bucking stud to orgasm.
    4. Steve Collins solo, Steve Peters solo
    Casey gets a script delivered by Daniel Holt. Daniel and Steve eye each other as Daniel parts. Steve has sent Casey off to work when Collins sees Steve Peters jerking off on the roof. Through the window the two put on a show for each other jerking their uncut rods to orgasm.
    5. Casey Donovan OrgAb, Eric Ryan OrgAt
    Casey goes in to see Eric Ryan about the script but can't help fantasizing about what is under Eric's clothes. In his mind's eye he sucks on Eric's cock and then bends of the desk for a reaming. Against a white brick wall they suck each other while each takes turn standing and then blast their loads.
    6. Steve Collins OgrAt, Daniel Holt OrgAb, Mark Leonard (84)
    While Steve Collins is in a clothing store who should cruise him but Daniel Holt so Steve follows him down the street into abandoned pier buildings. In the ruins, Steve applies lip service first to Daniel and they reverse. A third guy briefly appears here as a voyeur and only his bared torso and stroking cock are seen. (Mark Leonard is the only name left to apply here as a guess.) Then Daniel leans on the window looking out at New York with his bare ass pointing out for Steve to fuck. Steve comes on Daniel and then Daniel squeezes out his own cream in the New York sun streaming through the empty window.
    7. Casey Donovan Og, Jorge Rodriguez Or
    Casey is walking down the street when he sees a Mediterranean looking guy in a wife beater and a red bandana. We'll have to guess that this is Jorge Rodriguez. Jorge gives Casey the nod and then leads the way into a basement. Casey applies hand work to the dark guy's crotch and what should come out but one of the more beautiful uncut cocks to bless this world. Casey applies loving lips to balls and cock (which doesn't get hard until the crucial moment). With Casey bathing his lovely loose balls the guy finally gets off a load onto Casey's thirsty tongue. His chin still dripping with cum Casey can't resist sucking some more on that gorgeous cock until he too goes over the top.

    Video quality: DVDRip
    Video format: AVI
    Video codec: XviD
    Audio codec: MP3
    Video: 720x480 (1.50:1), 29.970 fps, XviD build 46 ~766 kbps avg, 0.07 bit/pixel
    Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~117.19 kbps avg

    File size: 517.0 MB

    Download Non-Stop (1984) DVDRip

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    Men at Work Barebacking

    Men at Work Barebacking

    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: : SX Video
    Cast: Austin Power, Casey, Chris Cameron, Pain Bricen, Guns, Gut Banga, Patrick Ives, Ryan Boyd, Sky Fairmount, TJ
    Genres: bareback, oral, anal, rimming, cumshots, fetish, muscles, extreme penetration
    Video language: English

    On the job and on the make, these serious cock-and-hole lovers take time out from their construction jobs to work one another?s man tools. Hard hats and harder cocks make for deep-throat sucking, hard-ass fucking and sweaty cum loads for all.

    SCENE ONE: Hunky Pain Bricen whets our appetite through his tighty whities as his jeans come down. Soon after little hottie twink Casey gives up his boy cock and ass to Pain bringing this scene to its throbbing conclusion.

    SCENE TWO: Opens with Patrick Ives and Sky Fairmont stripping down within the first few seconds. The tattooed and pierced Sky takes every inch of Patrick?s hot throbbing cock down his throat like a real expert. After trading places on his knees, Patrick goes at Sky?s cock with the same gusto before offering his muscle ass to Sky?s tongue and cock. When they flip again Patrick pounds Sky?s tight hole bringing this scene to its climax.

    SCENE THREE: This scene starts with some hot oral action as Ryan Boyd goes down on Gut Banga?s 9-inch rod. Things only get hotter when Gut rams that monster shaft up Ryan?s hungry hole.

    SCENE FOUR: Gut Banga?s appetite is insatiable and still is not quenched. In this scene he gives muscle bottom Guns a bootie call with his slick and still throbbing cock. After shooting his load over Guns crack and riding him again, he gives Guns a tasty treat too.

    SCENE FIVE: Chris Cameron gives an awesome solo performance with his toolbox of cocks. Using his toys and fingers, this is a climactic event not to be missed.

    SCENE SIX: TJ gives some tonsil action to Austin Power?s fat cock before Austin has his way with TJ?s rod. Later TJ makes a snack out of Austin?s musky balls and ass. The flip flopping continues until Austin blows his load up on himself after pulling out of TJ?s ass.

    BEHIND THE SCENES: It ain?t over till it?s over. Check out what happens behind the scenes when the camera keeps rolling.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:17:03
    Video: 640x480, XviD, 1454kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 898.9 MB

    Download Men at Work Barebacking

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    Welcome Home Daddy (1983 1987)

    Welcome Home Daddy (1983-1987)

    Categories: Classic, Compilation, Oral/Anal Sex, No Condoms: Pre-Condom Era, Daddies, Twinks, Big Cock, Cumshot, Uniforms: Armed Forces, Uniforms: Suits/Tuxedos, Theme: Office/Sex at Work, Theme: Student/Teacher
    Starring: N/A
    Studio: Bijou Classics

    This Bijou Video compilation collects four scenes featuring older, beefy, mustachioed men wrangling and tangling with young bucks. The "daddies" dominate the proceedings with their size, strength, and need to penetrate. Whether paying the paperboy in cock or offering failing students a surefire way to pass these scorchin' slices of masculinity give their all. The scenes are all from the '70s and early '80s so they are pre-condom and shot on film. The quality isn't exactly wonderful, but the sex sure is.
    The first scene begins with some footage of a stereotypical teen delivering newspapers. He goes to the home of one of his customers to get paid. The customer is a sandy-haired, mustachioed businessman with a penetrating gaze. He takes out his checkbook, and within a few seconds his hand stops writing and he squeezes the Paperboy's hand. The music kicks in full force and Paperboy drops his tight jeans to reveal a smooth, but slightly jiggly, rump. Daddy drops to his knees and swallows the boy's impressive piece. Paperboy bends over the dining room table so Business Daddy can tongue his hairless hole and jack his big beef. Daddy forcefully fucks Paperboy, in three positions, while kneading and slapping his ass. While Paperboy is riding Daddy, he jerks off to orgasm. This doesn't stop Daddy, though - he keeps on bangin' away 'til he's good and ready to shoot his shot. He does, but not until Paperboy licks his balls and hole.
    The second segment is somewhat dark, not cinematographically, but in mood and tone. A swarthy middle-aged man in a maroon shirt and tie leads a lanky brunette into an office of sorts. Once there, the repetitive electronic music swells, adding an odd tension, and the clothes come off. The shots of their various sexual activities are very tight, almost abstract; it's a teeny bit scary and a lot exciting. The older gentleman has got one hell of a hog between his legs - huge and inviting. The young man, like the teen in the first scene, also gets plowed on a desk. This time it's even more dramatic, with the older guy scrunching up his face and lifting the boy into the air.
    Dramatic is an apt term to describe the third, and best, sequence. Two blondes (you guessed it: one young and lithe, the other older and mustachioed) make like super-powered sodomites when the young one discovers that he has to suck his teacher's cock in order to receive a passing grade on an exam. Teacher commands student to drop his drawers and show off his ass. Then he's told to make like a vacuum and suck snake. (Man, these two are hung.) They jerk each other a little, share blowjob duties, and then go fuck wild. Teacher holds student's ankles and practically splits him in two! As an added bonus they cum simultaneously. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:06:14
    Resolution: 640x480

    File size: 763.2 MB

    Download Welcome Home Daddy (1983-1987)

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    Taking Flight

    Taking Flight

    Year: 2005
    Genre: anal / oral sex
    Length: 1.54
    Directed by: Chi Chi Larue
    Starring: Matthew Rush, Jason Adonis, Brad Patton, Bobby Williams, Dean Monroe, Tristian Adonis, Arpad Miklos, Ethan Marc, Troy Punk, Corbin Michaels, Nate Alexander, Jean Franko.

    Description: From a night flight to a wild weekend in London, Taking Flight follows flight crew and their horny passengers as they experience sexual adventures at home, in the sky and in the sex clubs and back alleys of London. We meet your pilot, Lifetime Exclusive Jason Adonis, as he says goodbye to boyfriend Ethan Marc. As a parting gift, Ethan offers him an ass he can't refuse, which Jason heartily enjoys in one position after another. After takeoff, Exclusive Bobby Williams can't control his urge to join the mile high club as he heads into the plane lavatory with sexy newcomer Corbin Michaels. They don't have much room but they take make the most it, sucking and fucking each other with total abandon. In London, Matthew and Josh hit the streets to have some fun, unaware that Jason is trailing them. After seeing the sights, Matthew drags Josh into a local sex club to blow off some steam. He's on the lookout for uncut cocks and finds one in newcomer Troy Punk. They explore every inch of each other's bodies before Matthew finally gives him a taste of American cock up his hot ass. Matthew soon heads out, leaving Josh behind. Josh wanders the club and spies Exclusives Brad Patton and Dean Monroe along with Arpad Miklos and Jean Franko in a fuck frenzy that leaves Dean filled with cock. He takes all three in his mouth and up his ass, and even takes two at once before they blow their loads

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 1:34:49
    Video: 352x240, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
    Audio: 218kbps

    File size: 945.8 MB

    Download Taking Flight

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