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Thread: Young Piss drinking girls - they all swallow ALL the pee!

  1. #91
    Here comes another Captain's Dinner. THIS time Annette drinks her own pee
    in a way only she can: pissing in her own mouth! After that it is time to get pissed in the eyes.

    LuckyShare - 1663 -

    Data: mov, 640x480, 36mb, 4min

  2. #92
    You know this bigtit goddess! She swallows it all.
    This is something new: behind the scenes...
    ---> Highlight: Piss Diving!

    LuckyShare - PEE8.wmv

    Data: 318mb, 640x480, 38min, wmv

  3. #93
    And maybe the cutest pissdrinking video I have:
    Get it fast!
    ----> These are many scenes put together with her.
    --->Highlight: eating piss soaked snow!

    LuckyShare - 7001 - pee Zophya.Myaw.-.FPee.Scene3.wmv

    Data: 27min, wmv, 228mb, 640x480

  4. #94
    Here comes the complete twin collection (!) of piss drinking.
    If you wish I could also give you this as a huge one-part file
    later. This is beyond amazing. So far I posted only one part.
    This will be much more.
    ---> Now this is published in single episodes and the great swallow is at the end.
    Nevertheless I am going to post you the full clip series.

    LuckyShare - 8000 - -

    Data: 114mb, 640x480, mov, 8min

  5. #95
    And the next two parts!
    Amazing! This is "Incest Lesbian Identical Twin Piss Bukkake"
    So many categories at once!
    NOTE: I left out several "just sucking" parts because they had no pissing in it.
    I will add these when I edit them all together as one large part! That really is the best solution.

    LuckyShare - 8010 -

    Data: 114mb, 640x480, mov, 8min

  6. #96
    Next and last part for now. The missing parts will be "glued" by me into one large movie with

    LuckyShare - 8011 -

    Data: 114mb, 640x480, mov, 8min

  7. #97
    I got many mails that this was DELETED by uploaded - already.
    So here it is. For the last time.
    Please keep reporting dead links to me!


    So this is my last post for today already

    Is this the most amazing piss drinking ever?

    First of all: for all of you without some uploaded premium: I am fucking sorry! I tried to edit and cut this damn movie (like I did with the ones before) but somehow the audio stream could not be cut proper, perhaps because this is a strange format..and you KNOW that I hate those "rar.part1" shit. But this was the only possibility here to publish this. And if SOMEBODY knows a good, cheap editor system besides avidemux to cut large movies: PLEASE tell me!

    ----> THIS IS NOT the complete DVD - it is part one of III on the DVD!

    Now here come this amazing video:

    She DRINKS piss, takes a BATH in filthy, dark, stinky piss and has a piss AQUARIUM around her head!

    LuckyShare - 1660 - massive piss drink.7z.007 - massive piss drink.7z.007
    LuckyShare - 1660 - massive piss drink.7z.006 - massive piss drink.7z.006
    LuckyShare - 1660 - massive piss drink.7z.005 - massive piss drink.7z.005
    LuckyShare - 1660 - massive piss drink.7z.004 - massive piss drink.7z.004
    LuckyShare - 1660 - massive piss drink.7z.003 - massive piss drink.7z.003
    LuckyShare - 1660 - massive piss drink.7z.002 - massive piss drink.7z.002
    LuckyShare - 1660 - massive piss drink.7z.001 - massive piss drink.7z.001



    Basic Infos:

    Type: wmv
    Size: 900 mb
    Duration: 69 min
    Quality: 856 x 480

  8. #98
    This is indeed one GIANT piss drinking in a very short time!

    LuckyShare - 2820 - peedrink.wmv

    Data: avi, 320x240, 3min, 22mb

  9. #99
    Here comes Eline!
    This is simply one of the best piss drinkings I have.

    LuckyShare - 3211 - best piss EVER FP_-_Eline.avi

    Data: 300mb, 33min, 640x480, avi

  10. #100
    This is another massive self-piss drinking in the back of a public

    LuckyShare - 2254 - pee1.avi

    Data: avi, 143mb, 640x480, 15min

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