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Thread: Young Piss drinking girls - they all swallow ALL the pee!

  1. #121
    I think this is a little gem I found. You may recognize her from some of my earlier posts. The piss drinking is in the first minutes. Then we have some plain fucking and at the end some nice pissing again.

    LuckyShare - 2273 - pee.avi

    Basic Infos:

    Type: avi
    Duration: 24,52 min
    Size: 217 mb
    Quality: 512 x 384

  2. #122
    More than one hour of most amazing piss drinking!
    You need this!
    Thanks to the friend who gave me the hint for this amazing video.
    It took me ages to upload it. This stunning Asian chick drinks down liter of piss.

    LuckyShare - ARMD-821.7z.004
    LuckyShare - ARMD-821.7z.003
    LuckyShare - ARMD-821.7z.002
    LuckyShare - ARMD-821.7z.001

    Video Infos:

    1.14gig, 640x480, 75min, avi

  3. #123
    This is the last part. YOU NEED THIS!
    The girls are drinking down HALF A GALLON of piss and cum.
    No joke.

    LuckyShare - 701 - III.divx


    Basic Infos:

    Type: divx
    Size: 49,6 mb
    Duration: 7,24 min
    Quality: 720 x 576

  4. #124
    Lots of lesbian and other piss drinking.
    This will be some of the best piss drinking ever! These will be 3 parts!

    LuckyShare - 701 - I.divx


    Basic Infos:

    Type: divx
    Size: 51,6 mb
    Duration: 7,42 min
    Quality: 720 x 576

  5. #125
    This part has LOTS of fisting (!) and double penetration - and good piss drinking at the end! This part is with 22 minutes much longer!

    LuckyShare - 701 - II.divx



    Basic Infos:

    Type: divx
    Size: 152 mb
    Duration: 22,44min
    Quality: 720 x 576

  6. #126

    I have tons of new videos to post. First we have a 3-parter. I edited this scene to 33 minutes.
    At the beginning we have that hot blond girl getting pissed everywhere and used as urinal. Unfortunately no swallowing. But then at 18:00 min. A*nn*ett*e hits the scene with some black girl and the day is saved. Watch it until the end: she takes a huge gulp at the last minute. the coming 2 parts will have much more pissing.

    LuckyShare - 1987 - pee - lamide1.avi

    Basic Infos:

    Type: avi
    Duration: 33,48 min
    Size: 396 mb
    Quality: 720 x 540

  7. #127

    You know who is doing you know what here - and lots of it!

    No, seriously: this video almost didn't make the cut because Ann**-baby is spitting 99% of the piss in the other girls face in this early work. But we have some swallow at 6:30 and 4:28.
    Or don't we? We have!

    LuckyShare - 1938 - peeane.avi


    Video Infos:

    Size: 202 mb
    Type: avi
    Runtime: 22,27
    Quality: 352 x 288

  8. #128
    Welcome to the Oktoberfest!
    Today: one gallon of piss for only 10$!!!
    This is part one!

    LuckyShare - mass pisse - 1.avi

    Data: 258mb, 640x480, avi, 26min

  9. #129
    Here comes part 2 of the piss-fest!
    This is real highlight!
    She eats Pretzels with piss!
    You - need - this!

    LuckyShare - mass pisse - 2.avi

    Data: 300mb, 27min, 640x480, avi

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