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Thread: Young Piss drinking girls - they all swallow ALL the pee!

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    Now since this is German I have to translate just a bit from this video! She is asked during she got pissed in the mouth by several men: "And? You could taste every flavor in the piss, right?" She answers a little disgusted: "Yes - EVERY flavor!" Cameraman: "Poor girl - we should punish those guys with the disgusting piss really harsh!" She smiles and says: "That would be a good idea!"...and tries to catch the piss with her mouth to drink it. Then she is asked: "Look - this is piss is totally clear...does it taste good?" She: "Yes, really good!"

    Have phun!


    Basic Infos:

    File Size: 198 mb
    Type: avi
    Length: 26:04
    Quality: medium 336:256
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    So here comes another rather short clip with a girl you may know. She drinks some piss from a huge bowl. I love her!

    Basic Infos:

    File Size: 35,3 mb
    Type: avi
    Length: 4:24 min
    Quality: medium 336:256

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    Hello, everyone! When I first saw this video a long time ago I was really disappointed because the screenshots did NOT match my expectations. Well, not the WHOLE DVD was bad... and after all B*E*A is in it - but the other woman sometimes ruined the fun by wasting all the precious piss instead of letting B*E*A drink it all up, and trust me: she was ready to do it! So I edited this scene out so that you can watch when *B*E*A takes a big gulp of piss and sucks some piss down from a bowl!

    Please take not that this also includes some short passage where some girl pisses into a man's mouth. Skip if you don't like it.

    And now: HAVE fun!

    Basic Infos:

    File Size: 115 mb
    Type: avi
    Length: 11 min
    Quality: medium 336:256

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    Here comes the next piss drinking video:
    This is a good one! New girl!!!

    Data: 640x480, 33min, wmv, 566mb

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    Here comes another video
    where I am not entirely sure
    if she swallows or not.
    I gave it a go eventually at 20 minutes.
    Once more I deleted 90% of all videos from this label.

    Data: 423mb, 640x480, 25min, wmv

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    At first I wasn't expecting her to be that good...
    But look at the screens!
    She swallows it all.

    Data: 75mb, wmv, 9min, 720x480

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    I first skeptical at first...but at 3 Minutes she swallows
    the piss like a champ! And at 8 minutes the bowl is emptied!
    A very good clip!!!!

    Data: 131mb, wmv, 12min. 640x480

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    ****PERVERTED and awesome****

    I have 50 more videos ready to be posted!
    Great news.
    Here comes the next well trained slut!

    Data: 142mb, 13min, wmv, 718x404

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    You think it can't get better?
    It can!
    She drinks her own piss just like a dog!
    I love her!
    The camera work is AWFUL, but the content is good!
    ---> Highlight: piss-diving!

    Data: 718x404, 129mb, 11min, wmv

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    This is brand new...and boy this is amazing!
    No words needed...and although she does NOT swallow
    the ENTIRE 1 Liter of piss, it still is one of the best
    videos of this label! At least the best since Annette left in 2009.

    Data: 1,90gig, 1280x720, 85min, mp4

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