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Thread: Young Piss drinking girls - they all swallow ALL the pee!

  1. #41
    And the second part had no piss drinking!
    So here is another very good clip!
    LISTEN! Here we have a MOST AMAZING Piss-Snowballing and everything
    is swallowed! I have never seen this before!
    You need this!

    Data: wmv, 512x384, 70mb, 6min

  2. #42
    In this extreme compilation we have several piss swallowing scenes!
    One girl is Queeny Love - and she even drank her own puke in one video she did.
    Here she drinks piss from her ass!"

    Data: 51min, 720x536, 884mb, avi

  3. #43
    So I watched about 200 pee clips in the past 7 days and because of that I have sort of a headache now.
    Once more 99% of them where just silly mouth pissing without swallows but VERY few were good...
    ---> HERE is one GREAT I wasn't expecting to be good at all -but it is AMAZING!
    She gulps down a lot of piss from this guy!
    Hurray! Note: the piss drinking is right at the start.

    Data: 196mb, 640x480, 11min, wmv

  4. #44
    Here comes Silke!
    She joins the studio for some good
    pee drinking.

    Data: 69min, 640x480, 604mb, mp4

  5. #45
    Look who is BACK!!!!
    She finally can swallow the piss FASTER than it gushes into her mouth!!!
    Watch to the last second of the video.
    ---> This is one of the best piss swallow videos ever. And I mean it.
    She is just amazing.

    Data: 739mb, 640x480, wmv, 42min

  6. #46
    I think she does some swallows here
    outside in the sun!

    Data: 510mb, 640x480, wmv, 29min

  7. #47
    This is the last DVD missing until the new one in this series!
    ---> It concentrates in Miss S. here all alone and she swallows and swallows...
    Awesome and well shot with 2 Cameras. She really trained to drink the piss!
    THIS is one of the best videos from the entire franchise!

    Data: 69min, 640x480, mp4, 834mb

  8. #48
    I forgot to post the rest of the guzzlers!
    THIS is very extreme and we have many new scenes here!
    First the very perverted Courtney drinks the piss from her ass (she really does),
    then we have a new girl I have never seen before getting totally destroyed by Max.
    The next scene and Chick is ALSO new and she too drinks some piss here.

    Data: 28min, 280mb, 640x480, avi

  9. #49
    Here comes the last and brand-new video
    from this series. She drinks literally and guaranteed at least one liter of piss
    with a smile on her face. Wonderful. This is part one.

    Data: 47min, 640x480, 374mb, avi

  10. #50
    And here comes the second part with the new developed Piss funnel!

    Data: 38min, 640x480, avi, 327mb

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