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Thread: Young Piss drinking girls - they all swallow ALL the pee!

  1. #61
    This is another amazing short clip and also amateurish!
    She mixes piss with milk and DRINKS it all!


    Data: 640x480, 2min, avi, 60mb

  2. #62
    I have never posted this one before.
    It surely is one of the hottest girls around.

    3402 - peedrink awesome -Kb…rar (357,41 MB) -
    3402 - peedrink awesome -Kb…rar (476,84 MB) -

    Data: 840mb, 1:52h, wmv, 384x288

  3. #63
    This is perhaps the most extreme piss drinking you can imagine:
    ---> Through the NOSE only!

    LuckyShare - 1418 - piss drinking NOSE extreme.part2.rar - piss drinking NOSE extreme.part2.rar
    LuckyShare - 1418 - piss drinking NOSE extreme.part1.rar - piss drinking NOSE extreme.part1.rar

    Data: 640x480, 1.25gig, 80min, avi

  4. #64
    And the last part of 1404. I always forget this one.

    LuckyShare - 1404 - part 4.avi

    Data: 15min, 640x640, avi, 114mb

  5. #65
    Now finally after 6 weeks I can bring you this!
    Here is the first video with the piss-chug-machine and a nice looking girl
    I have ALL of the videos from this label soon and you better get them since
    I am pretty much the only one in the entire net who has them online as it seems. I couldn't find them anywhere. And they are ALL AWESOME!
    Get it fast!

    NEVER say the name of the label!

    LuckyShare - 4085 - pee.mpg

    Data: 6min, 640x480, mpg, 73mb

  6. #66
    Here comes some Latina piss drinking clip!

    LuckyShare - 8017 - pissdrink lat.avi

    Data: 8min, 640x480, 73mb, avi

  7. #67
    This is a strict Japanese piss drinking compilation!
    ---> This is only part1!!!
    Check out the third scene with the BOTTLE as funnel! AMAZING!
    That might be the biggest swallow I posted in 2012!

    LuckyShare - 5018 - jappiscompi - 1.avi - jappiscompi - 1.avi

    Data: 59min, 640x480, avi, 730mb

  8. #68
    Here comes the second part of the Asian piss drinking!
    It starts with a girl waiting in front of a public toilet to collect piss and drink it.
    We also have a massive swallow later in this compilation.

    LuckyShare - 5018 - jappiscompi - 2.avi - jappiscompi - 2.avi

    Data: 640x480, 1h, 760mb, avi

  9. #69
    Here is that special Japanese masterpiece, part 2: I never posted this one in 2012.
    ---> Cooking with piss, bathing in piss, drinking piss!

    LuckyShare - PSD-02.part2.rar
    LuckyShare - PSD-02.part1.rar

    Data: 65min, 700mb, avi, 688x368

  10. #70
    And as requested here it is again!
    You should still download these files TODAY since
    I don't know how they could get deleted so fast.
    LAST re-upload!


    This is maybe THE best Japanese Piss Drinking video.
    She IS the Human Toilet.

    Ever wondered how a human toilet may look like?
    Here it is!
    And she is is sooo cute! She has the face of an angel.
    And she swallows like a good girl!
    Don't forget to flush!

    LuckyShare - 2010 - human toilet.part2.rar
    LuckyShare - 2010 - human toilet.part1.rar


    Size: 733 mb
    Type: avi
    Duration: 97 min
    Quality:640 x 480

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