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Thread: Young Piss drinking girls - they all swallow ALL the pee!

  1. #71
    I made it only 2 parts this time - but it is the same video!

    Here comes another great Japanese work of art!
    Now it begins! Take a seat, relax and enjoy the show of some Japanese girl drinking literally liters of piss.
    Basically she gets the piss injected into her stomach - but you have to watch it!
    --> BE WARNED! This also has some massive puking and messy deepthroating!
    I was NOT able to cut this down - I tried - but the sound won't split. So I have to split the files.


    LuckyShare - DDT-224.part1.rar
    LuckyShare - DDT-224.part2.rar

    Video Infos

    Type: wmv
    Size: 1,050 mb
    Duration: ca. 1,23 hours
    Quality: 640 x 480

  2. #72
    ***NEW STUFF***Time for the new stuff. I really have tons to post so I have to hurry if I want to complete this before people walk on the Mars.
    I grabbed this when I was premium member at her site.
    Did you know that she RETIRED? It is a sad day for German porn - and I mean it.
    ---> She swallows the piss and cum of 10 guys non stop.
    Good girl!

    LuckyShare - 8004 - pee Annette_Salute.wmv

    Data: 5min, 70mb, 640x480, wmv

  3. #73
    I have to explain this incredible action. You might remember her from my Max thread.
    1) She swallows cum and piss
    2) She collects piss in a bucket
    3) She drinks it
    4) She deepthroats until she pukes and pukes cum and piss into the bucket.
    5) She fills the puke/piss into a blender and then into shotglasses
    6) she drinks it all again!

    30 minutes of action!
    Great? GREAT!

    LuckyShare - 8000 - puke piss drink.avi

    Data: 500mb, 30min, 640x480, avi

  4. #74
    Only in Japan you get a very cute girl
    doing this: going out on the street and drinking
    the piss from total strangers in front of a public toilet!

    LuckyShare - 10000 - piss drinking japanese from HOBOS.part1.rar - piss drinking japanese from HOBOS.part1.rar
    LuckyShare - 10000 - piss drinking japanese from HOBOS.part2.rar - piss drinking japanese from HOBOS.part2.rar

    Data: avi, 1,17gig, 640x480, 90min

  5. #75
    Here comes another nice and rather short pissdrinking clip with a hot chick:

    LuckyShare - 2010 - peedriisa.mpg

    Data: 14mb, 640x480, 1:30 min, mpg

  6. #76
    Here comes the next video.
    I am sure you remember this busty piss drinking goddess.
    ---> Check out the piss drinking funnel!

    LuckyShare - PEE4.wmv

    Data: 350mb, 640x480, wmv, 46min

  7. #77
    And here - because I received many requests - is the last scene with Miss A. from this label. EVER. You should know her by now.
    It is also a very rough scene!

    LuckyShare - 8003

    Data: avi, 46min, 640x480, 440mb

  8. #78
    We do have some good gulps here:

    LuckyShare - PEE9.wmv

    Data: 264mb, wmv, 20min, 640x480

  9. #79
    This is Michelle.
    She is a good girl and drinks the piss at the end of the scene.

    LuckyShare - 3400 - FP_-_Michelle.mpg

    Data: 157, mpg, 357x240, 30min

  10. #80
    Here comes Jenny: this is one of the best swallows!

    LuckyShare - 5000 - FPpee - Jenny great swallow.wmv

    Data: 315mb, 640x480, wmv, 37min

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