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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    The next Japanese video as requested:

    LuckyShare - Night24 - File 258a.wmv

    Data: 633mb, 43min, 640x480, wmv

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    This is ultra extreme. Look at my screens.
    Her pussy is sewn shut...lots of needles lots of blood.
    You know the label, I hope you know what to expect!

    LuckyShare - an_v13.avi

    Data: avi, 400x300, 175mb, 32min

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    Same ultra brutal label, other model!
    BEWARE! Hammering nails through her tits!

    LuckyShare - hi_v19.avi

    Data; 215mb, 400x300, 36min, avi

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    And this is something you have most likely never seen before:
    she is shot at (!) with an air pistol. Trust me: it hurts like hell!
    Only in Japan...Look at her skin and the endless number of markings.

    LuckyShare - 2799 - japtorture - File269b.wmv

    Data: wmv, 44min, 640x480, 645mb

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    OK, I received a request for some videos I am going to post now!
    Good news is that those videos are also my personal favorites!
    ---> We start with a legendary scene: she gets BLACK contact lenses
    so she is blind while being tortured! Watch closely!
    Also: needles, water torture, whipping , electroshocking!

    LuckyShare - [Bdsm Insex byJed] 1030lf6_30_blind_dsl (1030's livefeed June 30.rm

    Data: rm, 300x240, 166mb, 73min

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    Here we have some sort of perverted tandem:
    bound together in a very painful way!
    We have:
    - Hanging upside-down
    - Riding the wooden horse
    - Whipping

    ...and the electric feedback: if model 731 makes a noise model 731 gets a brutal shock!

    LuckyShare - [Bdsm Insex sorted byJed] Tandem 26 Mar.2003 (Tandem- 411 & 731'.rm

    Data: 123mb, rm, 320x240, 75min

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    And the next one: please, I have too many requests now.
    Remember that I suffer that usual 48 hours posting limit and the 10-posts per thread limit!
    ----> This video shows you the remote controlled 100% latex covered female slave: electro shocks show her the way!

    LuckyShare - Mila Final - Insex (DSL 225kbps) - Transparent Latex Catsuit.rm

    Data: rm, 160mb, 340x240, 37min

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    Miss H: here gets some water boarding, slow hanging, blue tits,
    tongue torture and tit clipping. She really suffers!

    LuckyShare - Miss Hudson (Dsl Insex 2003).rm

    Data: rm, 109mb, 340x240, 67min

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    Also a request: the ultra extreme bloody stuff!
    ---> Remember that these files will most likely soon be deleted!
    ---> This is the most extreme tit torture I know.

    LuckyShare - hi_v14.avi

    Data: 400x300, avi, 155mb, 26min

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    And one more for today!
    New model, still the most extreme stuff!
    ---> The most needles I have ever seen!

    LuckyShare - em_v03.avi

    Data: 39min, 400x300, avi, 239mb

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