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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    And the next extreme tittorture.
    ---> Here we have a new creative idea:
    Saline solution is pumped into her tits to make them swell

    LuckyShare - 1437 - brutal tit torture.avi

    Data: 147mb, 400x300, avi, 30min

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    Here is the next Anita:
    ----> She gets injected with saline solution manually here!

    LuckyShare - an_v25.avi

    Data: 400x300, avi, 33min, 198mb

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    So I promised you real scientific brainwashing.
    Here it is! Perfectly done.
    ---> She is put in a helpless position, she gets punished for "wrong words" reflecting back after a time to "bad thoughts" or even "bad memories" which will be avoided or even deleted by the brain unconsciously. PD uses a mixture of positive and negative awards (getting benefits and ending of punishments) as well as punishment and elimination of awards, the full operant conditioning. You could show this video in a psychology seminar.
    ---> Behavioral Psychological Therapy is based on the same scientific principals just on the "white site" of the moral spectrum.
    Electro shocks into her pussy and even her urethra.

    LuckyShare - 20040908-Sounds-of-411-(Live-Feed-From-July-18-2001)-(411-Cherry).rm

    Data: rm, 104mb, 320x240, 40min

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    Time for the Professor!
    This is model AZ!
    Claire Adams takes care of this cute and young looking girl.
    ---> Putting her face under water until she cries...

    LuckyShare - 20050601-Az-Socks-Star-Part-1-(Live-Feed-From-May-14-2005)-(Az-Star).rm

    Data: rm, 106mb, 42min, 400x300

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    Setting: some doctor does some cruel pain experiments.
    Hot girls are getting brutally whipped by other girls.

    Look at the screens: it is very intense!

    LuckyShare - 1684 - tort.mpg


    Video Infos:

    Size: 449 mb
    Type: mpg
    Quality: 720 x 576
    Duration: 45,08 minutes

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    Do you have time for Hilde?
    ---> This is the most brutal pussy torture I have see. With
    saline injection and huge needles...crazy.

    LuckyShare - hi_v23.avi

    Data: avi, 400x300, 32min, 230mb

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    ***Note: make a wish! I have all 500+ files of this label***

    This is called "24 hours of hell" and this is just what it is.
    This is ultra extreme, not only when you put the time
    into consideration.
    ---> They put a catheter into her bladder to make her bladder ache
    - Needles into her breasts
    - Iron mask over her head
    - Heavy breathplay
    - Hanging upside down
    - Electro torture
    - WaterBoarding with her own piss

    Just look at my screenshots.

    LuckyShare - 20000913-BJs-24-Hours-of-Hell-(From-June-6)-(BJ-Tyler).rm

    Data: rm, 320x240, 210mb, 75min

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    This was requested a lot: as maximum humiliation her head gets shaved COMPLETELY.
    In addition various cruel tortures on her.
    Another highlight from tis label.
    ---> She actually is turned into a human pet here!

    LuckyShare - 20000602-BJs-24-Hour-Live-Feed-From-May-13-(BJ-Violet).rm

    Data: rm, 320x240, 210mb, 65min

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    We have the very young Tyler here in a nice
    Session with Violet and another girl. heavily bound they are put outside in the woods!
    ---> You can see the garotte breath restriction method for slow asphyxiation here!
    This was a multi day session!

    LuckyShare - 20001025-CunTree-(Shonta-Violet-Tyler).rm

    Data: rm, 66mb, 320x240, 45min

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    A very good m00d clip: 4 vicious bitches:
    this is new and finally in HD.
    --->Bloody and extreme. They have to ask for every stroke!

    LuckyShare - Mood Pictures - Four Vicious Bitches.part3.rar Pictures - Four Vicious Bitches.part3.rar
    LuckyShare - Mood Pictures - Four Vicious Bitches.part2.rar Pictures - Four Vicious Bitches.part2.rar
    LuckyShare - Mood Pictures - Four Vicious Bitches.part1.rar Pictures - Four Vicious Bitches.part1.rar

    Data: 1280x720, mp4, 75min, 1.78gig

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