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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    Here comes the next very good video
    from that Hungarian label.
    ---> This is maybe one of the best videos from this label.
    Victoria Young appears for the first time.
    Whipping, caning and humiliation. Also a short "behind the scenes" at the end in
    this larger version!
    ---> Highlight: one girl has to watch very closely while the other screams and cries her heart out.

    LuckyShare - Mood Pictures - The Power of Money.part2.rar
    LuckyShare - Mood Pictures - The Power of Money.part1.rar

    Data: 59min, 720x540, avi, 1.31gig

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    Dear friends,
    I receive many requests regarding old and dead links from IN*s3x.
    I already HAVE them ALL uploaded but of course I can not post the files here since I am limited to 10 posts a day in each thread but I will post as many as I can by order of request in the next days.
    Here is model 912 as requested in her live session.
    ---> Great asphyxiation here.

    LuckyShare - 50001

    Data: 127mb, rm, 320x240, 50min

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    Here comes day 2: needles into her tits and electroshocks to her pussy!

    LuckyShare - 50002

    Data:157mb, rm, 320x240, 61min

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    Still more of model 912, as requested: this time she is
    at the farm at gets SHOT at with paintballs (which is very painful). Then she is put in a medieval torture pear for many hours and gets washed my a hard stream of icy-cold water. For the night she hangs there! the next morning she gets her pussy stretched by a wight and her tongue and pussy electro tortured.This is a compilation of the multi day live session.

    LuckyShare - 50003a

    Data: 71min, rm, 320x240, 171mb

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    Miss Donna takes brutal care of 912 here:
    she almost drowns in water and gets a hard tit torture.
    Also good asphyxiation with the rubber mask she shuts close.
    ----> Highlight is the water treatment!

    LuckyShare - 50004

    Data: 100mb, 320x240, rm, 60min

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    ***MOST extreme electro torture EVER***
    Read my text first:
    OK, this is most extreme!
    --> She gets a plastic bag over her head until her face turns blue!
    - Her feet are put into a brutal device!
    - She is hung by her hair!
    - caning
    --> And she gets a very brutal and extreme electro torture.
    Professor Brent explains, that the neck restrain is necessary because
    the muscle spasm from the shocks may cause spinal fractures!
    She cries a lot!!! This is easily 10/10 on the extreme level. Also note that this
    is the REAL BRAINWASHING method done by the Vietcong: if you do it right your
    brain will learn to accept even the most ridiculous nonsense as reality just to avoid the shocks.
    You can watch the effects here. It is not fake. You can also learn how the St0ckholm Syndr0me works.

    LuckyShare - 50005

    Data: 450mb, rm, 320x240, 75min

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    Before I bring you the new stuff here is one more
    classic with extreme crying and needles into the pussy!

    LuckyShare - eltp3.wmv

    Data: 33min, avi, 720x544, 340mb

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    Here are the latest and brand new videos:
    This is just a few days old but shows one very known girl in some
    extreme action.
    ---> A lot of crying here. Also pussy whipping!
    Great news: the most sadistic dominatrix from way back is here again!

    LuckyShare - 0001 The mistake.part4.rar The mistake.part4.rar
    LuckyShare - 0001 The mistake.part5.rar The mistake.part5.rar
    LuckyShare - 0001 The mistake.part2.rar The mistake.part2.rar
    LuckyShare - 0001 The mistake.part3.rar The mistake.part3.rar
    LuckyShare - 0001 The mistake.part1.rar The mistake.part1.rar

    Data:902mb, 1920x1080, wmv, 24min

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    And another new file:
    As you may have noticed I do not like
    this K!nk label at all. They are a bad copy of
    the great InS€x label and have way too soft material in my eyes.
    On the other hand this is YOUR thread so if you want I could get you all "tr@ining 0f.." videos if you want them!
    SOME scenes nevertheless are good. So is this one.
    ---> HARD crying, really hard!
    ---> Spanking (as it was requested)
    ---> Electro shocking!
    ---> Medieval Torture chair with spikes!

    LuckyShare - 6021 - tor - Training of Hazel Hypnotic.mp4

    Data: mp4, 1280x720, 537mb, 48min

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    Now this is especially for you guys who requested extreme electro torture:
    This is one of the most extreme clips; it looks like something from a hidden
    KGB torture chamber: she is halfway bound under water and the shocks are extreme. She screams as if she was dying!

    LuckyShare - Electro_Clip_3.rm

    Data: rm, 24mb, 300x240, 10min

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