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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    First part of the very extreme torment of 3 beautiful girls by female sadists. They won't stop even if the victims start bleeding.

    I cut this to 44 min and 353 mb so that you can download it better.

    Video Infos:

    Size: 353 mb
    Type: avi
    Time: 44 min.
    Quality: 640 x 352

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    Heavy crying, heavy bleeding!

    This is one of my all time favorites. The blond girl is 19 years old and VERY sexy. She gets brutally tortured.

    Video Infos:

    Size: 317 mb
    Type: avi
    Time: 40 min.
    Quality: 640 x 352

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    Now this video has some Nazi concentration camp setting.
    Very extreme. Lesbian only!

    Video Infos:

    Size: 272 mb
    Type: avi
    Time: 39,51 min.
    Quality: 640 x 480

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    Anyway: some very heavy hits on flesh and a lot of true pain here.

    Video Infos:

    Size: 864 mb
    Type: wmv
    Time: 65 min.
    Quality: 720 x 576

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    In this video you can see one of the hottest girls ever in some torture videos (look at my first screenshot, the dark haired girl left). Now the idea in this shooting is easy: the girl who can endure the most pain wins the prize.

    Video Infos:

    Size: 423
    Type: wmv
    time: 54 min
    Quality: 720 x 576

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    This is the second part of the video posted above where the blond girls has to torture her friend.

    pw= titsorgtfo

    Video Infos:

    Size: 355 mb, type: avi, duration: 60 min., quality: 720 X 567

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    This is another great video:
    we have 3 models here! First 731 hangs in that cage,
    then we have tongue torture, electro torture and one amazing asphyxiation
    play with the full rubber head! Excellent!

    Data: 51min, 424x240, wmv, 165mb

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    Tied over a bed roll, marina starts off getting caned while she sucks PD's cock. PD puts in the ass hook and sets up Mr. Pogo and the vibrator on her pussy, then he really starts to take her throat til she cums. After that she's hung with her tits tied nicely and face masked with latex for PD to whip for his pleasure. Mr. Pogo goes back inside her for more and then she's pulled up to the tips of her toes and she asks PD for each stroke of his cane. PD fucks her then puts the vibrator to her clit. She cums so hard that Mr.Pogo pops out of her pussy.When PD drags out the mattress, first he suffocates marina while he fucks her. Then she's on her knees, getting encouraged by his cane to suck his cock. When he's through, it's time to get his little bondage slut off. The vibrator takes care of her clit while PD fingers her asshole. Once she's loose and ready, Mr. Pogo takes his place and slides right in. PD flogs her pussy, getting her nice and sensitive, then the Hitachi takes over on her clit while her feet get the cane. It's all too much for her as she cums violent floods, squirting everywhere. The whole experience leaves her wanting so much more, PD decides to keep her in bondage all night.

    Type: RM
    Duration: 00:43:57
    File Size: 242 MB
    Ratio: 640x480

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    Here comes one model you might remember
    from the old label with the spider!
    ---> The new IDEA here is to put a wire (!!!)
    through the tongue for the bondage!

    Data: 40min, 640x480, 128mb, rm

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    Here comes the professor for a great torture session
    with Miss Rain!
    --> Full body whipping here!
    Also: wights to the tits?

    Type: WMV
    Duration: 00:54:29
    File Size: 294 MB
    Ratio: 640x480

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