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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    Now here comes some most amazing humiliation
    in the "diary" - farm style: 3 girls are held as cows
    and cattle! naked work on the plow!
    Living in cages! Yet this is a bit controversial since
    it deals with the fantasy of making them obedient with

    Data: 1280x720, 53min, mp4, 592mb

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    She cries like a baby when PD starts to whip her. Her screams even echo though the rafters of the barn. When he is being nice she is no quieter, though. She begs and pleads for him to stop no matter what he is doing. Nothing is ever good enough for her. If that is the way that it is going to be then he really has no incentive to be anything but cruel to her. If she cannot appreciate his good moods then she will need to suffer through his bad ones.

    Type: MP4
    Duration: 00:36:45
    File Size: 451 MB
    Ratio: 640x480

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    Here comes the very last video of the most amazing label ever.
    It is Koko - and she is put in the most extreme fear-terror
    imaginable: the fear to down. You have to watch it to understand.

    Type: RM
    Duration: 00:35:33
    Resolution: 640x360
    File Size: 114 MB

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    Here comes a classic with my favorite model 731!
    They are roasted outside in the garden in the hot sun -
    a torture method originally developed by the
    Japanese in WW2. Also crucification in the woods and model 731
    is buried alive! This is a multi-day torture session and one of the
    best BDSM videos of all time.

    Data: rm, 320x240, 58min, 104mb

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    Another true highlight:
    the infamous milking machine and electroshocks
    executed by the live online members!
    She is shocked so hard that she starts crying!
    ---> You NEED this! Plays fine with VLC player and real player.

    Data: 420mb, rm, 1:08h, 640x480

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    I finally found the full version of this cute teeny called "211"!!!
    This beauty gets the WATER TORTURE in fear of drowning at the
    end what makes it very sick and extreme!
    Another true "must have"!
    ---> This starts slow but WATCH it to the end!!!

    Data: rm, 345mb, 1.13h, 640x480

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    ***MOST extreme electro torture EVER***
    Read my text first:
    OK, this is most extreme!
    --> She gets a plastic bag over her head until her face turns blue!
    - Her feet are put into a brutal device!
    - She is hung by her hair!
    - caning
    --> And she gets a very brutal and extreme electro tortue.
    Professor Brent explains, that the neck restrain is necessary because
    the muscle spasm from the shocks may cause spinal fractures!
    She cries a lot!!! This is easily 10/10 on the extreme level. Also note that this
    is the REAL BRAINWASHING method done by the Vietcong: if you do it right your
    brain will learn to accept even the most ridiculous nonsense as reality just to avoid the shocks.
    You can watch the effects here. It is not fake. You can also learn how the Stockholm Syndrome works.

    Data: 150mb, rm, 320x240, 75min

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    ---> Read my text first!
    In this video you can see the girl who brought down the studio
    together with the FBI claiming that Professor Dr. Brent used mindtricks
    and drugs to manipulate the girls and even holding some as real life slaves.
    You can watch her video / DVD somewhere in the net. PD claimed that she just wanted to make money with that, which probably is true. On the other hand
    PD is a real genius and he in fact used psychological tricks on all the girls
    with 8-10 hours of interview BEFORE each shooting finding out about the personal weaknesses of the girls and their psychological points he can abuse
    to make them cooperate with him for many days. Remember that some shootings were longer than 4 days non stop.
    Anyway: here we have a 53 minutes video starting with a "behind the scene" and then we are back at the farm. Mummification, dehumanization.

    Data: 53min, 640x480, avi, 520mb

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    Two girls at the farm:
    Aria then gets electro shocks to her feet!
    Also her tongue (!) is bound to a hanging cage so that she has stand all night (!)

    Data: 320x240, rm, 133mb, 71min

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    Model 1016 gets needles under her toenails!
    Also breathplay with the gasmask and painful tit suction!

    Data: 320x240, rm, 152mb, 49min

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