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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    Two days of torture at the farm:
    - hanging in some medieval torture device
    for many hours...even at night unable to move!
    Later she is spreadeagled at the hut!

    Data: rm, 640x480, 120mb, 73min

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    The Spanish horse, whipping and great whipping here with Cyd.
    You might know the girl from the softcore teen label I like, too!
    She now does BDSM.

    Data: 378mb, wmv, 854x480, 54min

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    She is one of the hottest blonds in BDSM :
    Nice caning and drooling with her. Also clamps to the tits and
    Mr. Pogo spearing her pussy.


    Data: wmv, 227, 856x480, 32min

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    Here we have WONDERFUL transformation from a smiling beauty to a little
    crumbled pocket of flesh. Nice: Cyd uses the Japanese nosehook and some drill (!) to her tits!


    Data: wmv, 856x480, 360mb, 55min

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    Ever seen clamps ONTO the eyes?
    Crazy Japanese!
    This also has some pissing and as always enema stuff.

    Format: wmv
    Resolution: 640x480
    Duration: 2hours
    File Size: 1.26 GB

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    With model 1201 out at the farm for a weekend of pain.
    Highlight: hanging upside down and finally being crucified
    in the night and for the night.

    Data: rm, 101mb, 32x240, 61min

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    Time for the doctor!
    Here comes a pretty new clip - now in
    1080 HD!With whipping - this is part1.

    Data: 25min, 1920x1080, wmv, 934mb

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    Here comes the second part!
    The cruel but beautiful dominatrix Miss
    Black takes over here!

    Data: 645mb, 1920x1080, wmv, 16min

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    Sister Dee has fun torturing tits!
    As you can see here!

    Data: 416mb, 40min, mp4, 1280x720

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    You can see that she is really afraid about what will happen at this live
    session. She also cries a lot. HOT girl!
    ---> Electroshocks and extreme neck restrain! She suffers hard.

    Data: rm, 640x480, 215mb, 66min

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