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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    This was heavily requested: she gets ALL of her hair removed!
    Maximum humiliation!
    Also: lots of crying and the use of the painful cattle prod.

    Data: 320x240, rm, 261mb, 73min

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    Requested many, many times!
    Here it is: the competition about
    90 strokes to the body!
    ---> Brutal and extr€me! And you can see how much pain it is!

    Data: 31min, 720x576, 410mb, mkv

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    And the next new video from the doctor!
    31 minutes of VERY painful casting. Also some crying!

    Data: 1280x720, 395mb, mp4, 31min

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    And one true highlight!!!!
    I am so damn happy I got this
    The only problem is the 2 gig of video size - but it is
    worth every bit just for the end.

    Data: 53min, 1920x1080, wmv, 1280x720

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    Time for one more of my personal favorites!
    ---> This was also a multi-hour live session!
    Claire shows her who is the boss: cattle prod,
    face slapping...heavy stuff and crying!

    Data: 42min, 461mb, 320x240, avi

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    This is new - it starts with a short recap
    of old bloody whipping scenes then switching to
    the new stuff.

    Data: 35min, 267mb, wmv, 720x576

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    Here comes a great classic!
    ---> You will see Piglet in some extreme water setting!
    Highlight: blue, tortured tits and breathplay!

    Data: 320x240, 43min, 324mb, avi

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    Now here she is bend over a very painful medieval torture wheel.

    Data: wmv, 137mb, 22min, 854x480

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    Here is the next part - same girls.
    AMAZING part: her nipples are chained to her toes!!

    Data: 960x480, wmv, 32min, 217mb

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    And the last part: caning and live chatting to the
    fans! As you can see: these are maybe the two best looking girls in business.

    Data: wmv, 260mb, 40min, 854x480

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