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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    PD does not even take the time to explain to Iona Grace why he is doing these things to her but if she was not such a dumb slut it would be obvious. He is having company later and she needs to be ready for them to use. If they want to hurt her she will need to be able to take the pain. If they want to use her holes she will need to be able to satisfy their desires. He is going to prepare her the only way he knows how. By using her just as brutally as his guests will.

    ype: MP4
    Duration: 00:48:05
    File Size: 590 MB
    Ratio: 1280x720

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    As promised here we go with some
    sick and extreme Asian torture.
    This Label with the letter "R" is amazing.
    The needles in her tits are crazy. This is a 2-parter!
    Part one: CRAZY BREATHPLAY with the plastic bag!
    Also: TAZER to the tits!

    Data: 536mb, 640x480, wmv, 46min

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    Next part: Asian torture!
    So SAD that this is censored but listen: she gets NEEDLES INTO her pussy!
    Then electro chocks are send into those needles! The guys then drinks the blood!

    Data: 500mb, 640x480, wmv, 43min

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    Now here we have the electric chair again!
    The Prof. sends shocks INTO her pussy!

    The members had some questions for Hazel Hypnotic during our pre-feed but now that she is lashed down to the interrogation chair the real probing can begin. She is not being judged on whether or not her answers are true or false. Instead they are going to look into her life and grade her decisions. If they like her answers then she will have a moment of relief. But for every time she has strayed she can expect a few surges of electricity.

    Type: WMV
    Duration: 00:43:28
    File Size: 515 MB
    Ratio: 1280x720

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    Emily was requested a lot!
    So here she is in the session with the vacuum on her clit and her tits!
    The suction is really hot!

    Type: MP4
    Duration: 00:15:25
    Resolution: 1280x720

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    It is getting Extreme - and into Horror!
    Getting crucified and buried alive!
    Watch it with strong nerves!
    And yes: she was buried ALL DAY - only breathing through that tube!
    At the end: roasting on the campfire!
    ---> About the video data quality: this is 10 years old and was a live stream! Keep that in mind!

    Data: avi, 320x240, 37min, 130mb

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    So here we have Miss Holly
    gets intense treatments by Professor Brent.

    Data: rm, 150mb, 640x480, 36min

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    Good suffering with Nikki... also with PD!

    Data: 375mb, mp4, 34min, 1280x720

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    Here comes Elise...and you might remember her from
    the older label. This is pretty rough. With electric shocks to tits, pussy and

    Data: 468mb/42min/wmw/640x480

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    This is in 1080 HD and from the very hard label.
    ---> HARD pussy whipping here in part 1.

    Data: 874mb, wmv, 1920x1080, 23min

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