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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    Here comes the second part!
    ---> Both girls get a very harsh whipping thus we have many tears and screams here!

    Data: 14min, 1920x1080, wmv, 530mb

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    It is getting very hard now for Nyssa.
    PD whips her and tortures her in different cruel ways.
    Highlight is the clamp to the pussy!

    Data: 50min, mp4, 562mb, 1280x720

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    Here comes the next part. This is Elise again
    and by far the hardest stuff I have seen so far with her.
    --> PD puts barbed rings around her tits and works
    her with electroshocks.

    Data: wmv, 44min, 1280x720, 632mb

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    This is the most recent Hailey session!
    Look at this medieval TORTURE CHAIR!
    Also amazing whipping. This is a video you must have.
    Trust me.


    Data: 1280x720, mp4, 63min, 711mb

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    This is Hazel!
    Whipping, the spiked chair and the tit clamp!
    Also lots of crying!


    Data: 72min, mp4, 1280x720, 810mb

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    There is so much happening here that I can't describe it all:
    PD puts her into the hole for the night (that was before the shooting) - then she is in the barn for the daily torment.
    Caning, whipping and the breathing garrote makes it unbearable. Later she gets the head aquarium to make breathing impossible...also the new developed mouth-nose gag.
    Just watch it! Only the Professor is this creative.


    Data: 617mb, mp4, 1280x720, 55min

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    This thread looks really good but all the links are dead, even the recent ones. Any chance of getting them re-done. (especially the first one please) Thanks for all the effort you put into this.

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    This is the last duel of the pain.
    The girls go to their absolute limits!
    ----> Amazing: these girls say thank you after they get beaten bloody to earn the money.
    Lots of crying.

    LuckyShare - Painful Duel V (2009).wmv

    Data: wmv, 522mb, 640x480, 67min

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    Now this was the very first video of the label and it already has some
    extreme caning and even crying cute girls!

    LuckyShare - 5321 - moo_-_Shooting.rar

    Data: 480mb, 640x480, wmv, 51min

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    Today I will post the newest files of the new label!
    Suzy is the cutest girl they have.
    ---> Beware! needles into her pussy!

    LuckyShare - Adventures_of_Suzy.wmv

    Data: wmv, 513mb, 36min, 1280x720

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