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Thread: YOUNG torture videos - very hard, very extreme, bloody!

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    --> INCLUDES the banned scene as EXTRA!!
    Now this was the very first video from the Hungarian label and it hit the
    market like a bomb: lesbian maximum brutal torture with HARD electro, whipping, cable, wax, fire
    and one special scene that is so hard that it was removed later.
    ---> A long needle is insert UNDER the breast way up and moved around there.
    Maybe over the top; surely ultra extreme. I never posted this long version
    in excellent quality.

    LuckyShare - ElitePain_Elite_Club._Case_1.part2.rar
    LuckyShare - ElitePain_Elite_Club._Case_1.part3.rar
    LuckyShare - ElitePain_Elite_Club._Case_1.part1.rar

    Special scene:

    LuckyShare - EP_01_tp.avi


    Data; 427mb, 42min, 720x480, avi

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    And once more as requested: asphyxiation!

    LuckyShare - 3183_-_asphyx.mp4

    Data; mp4, 28min, 1280x720, 310mb

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    These are new videos and they are AWESOME!
    Finally some vids as good as the early works:
    ---> The girl has to stand 90 hard strokes to be paid!
    If she moves she will be punished. GREAT humiliation here!
    One of my favorite: the dominatrix Jessica is really enjoying her suffering and crying!
    ---> The victims have to ask for more strokes and say "thank you"!

    LuckyShare - ElitePain_-_90_Strokes_Challenge.mkv

    Data: 31min, 720x576, mkv, 410mb

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    And here we have the challenge to stand 100 strokes!
    This is very hard and the girl is hot. The girl is totally broken here!
    ---> Includes whipping!

    LuckyShare - Elite_Pain-100_Strokes_Challenge.mkv

    Data: 28min, 720x576, mkv, 326mb

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    This was a request!
    And yes: I will post much more of it!
    ***Warning! This is very extreme and bloody!***
    ---> Long needles through the tits and electro torture!

    LuckyShare - an_v08.avi

    Data: avi, 400x300, 170mb, 31min

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    This is a new video -
    finally in HD! The action is hard but not extreme.
    Still the girl is crying!

    LuckyShare - ElitePain - The Journalist (HD).part2.rar
    LuckyShare - ElitePain - The Journalist (HD).part1.rar

    Data: 40min, 1280x720, 1.20gig, mp4

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    And this is brand new.
    It is in the setting of a quizshow...
    The last punishment is EXCELLENT!

    LuckyShare - Elite Pain - Save Your Seat (HD).part3.rar
    LuckyShare - Elite Pain - Save Your Seat (HD).part2.rar
    LuckyShare - Elite Pain - Save Your Seat (HD).part1.rar

    Data: 2,45gig, 1280x720, mp4, 70min

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    And the most extreme torture goes on!
    As requested!
    ---> Stapling of the tits, large steel hooks, steel screwer.
    10/10 ultra extreme. So look at my screens before downloading...

    LuckyShare - an_v12.avi

    Data: 400x300, avi, 30min, 215mb

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    And FINALLY my extreme Japanese BDSM is uploaded!
    Please listen: these files get deleted fast, so grab them while they are online!
    Japanese torture is very special: hot wax, whipping and also shooting at the victims
    is usual.
    ---> Highlight here: the huge paddle and way, wax, wax.
    Very hard, lots of crying.

    LuckyShare - 2801 - japtorture - File271b.wmv

    Data: 52min, 640x480, wmv, 827mb

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    Very hard Japanese caning: and I mean that
    the asses become bloody messes:

    LuckyShare - 5700 Very JAP Hard_Caning.avi

    Data: 353mb, 43min, avi, 512x284

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