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Thread: Gay Videos

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    News post107

    Man driller Scene #2

    Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
    Cast: Claudio Antonelli, Tony Magera, Jonathan Collins, Leslie Manzel, Randy Jones
    Genres: Gay, Group/Orgy, Bodybuilder, Uniform
    Video language: English

    Military Butt Banging Session Goes In Bathroom
    After a cold night these army men warm each other up by plunging a dick in their tight asshole.

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 18:30
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 3905kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    File size: 546.5 MB
    Download Man driller Scene #2

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    News post108

    Sexy thugged out gay

    Studio: GTM
    Video language: English

    Boy does this inked ripped baldhead look dangerous 13 especially when he gets all naked and pulls his stiffening cock out of his pants. That meaty rod of his is a real ass menace 13 watch him work it up until its tip starts resembling a hammerhead!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 9:58
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4936kbps
    Audio: 93kbps

    File size: 367.4 MB
    Download Sexy thugged out gay

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    News post109


    I've always wanted to do this sort of thing. 1D

    Grant was pretty excited to be here, but at the same time he had a nervousness that was truly adorable.

    He's a short guy, nicely muscled with big pecs.

    1CI used to do gymnastics! 1D he told us. 1CEveryone who does it is in great shape. 1D

    1CDo you still do it? 1D

    1CI had to back off a bit... it consumes your life, 1D he said. 1CI was spending over fifty hours a week at the gym. It was a little ridiculous. 1D

    1CDo you still have any of the skills? 1D

    1COf course! 1D Without missing a beat, Grant started doing flips. I think I was most impressed when he did a full-on split.

    1CDoes that ever get you laid? 1D

    1CYou would be surprised! 1D

    Grant had just recently started fooling around with guys and just talking about it turned him on.

    1CWhat's the most you've done with a guy so far? 1D

    1CI got fucked last week for the first time. 1D

    1CAnd? 1D

    1CIt was insane. I came without even touching myself! 1D

    Format: mov (QuickTime)
    Duration: 12:58
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4727kbps
    Audio: 39kbps

    File size: 453.4 MB
    Download SC-Grant

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    News post110

    Island daze Scene #5

    Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
    Cast: Fabrice Felder, Renato Bellagio, Rick Perry, Fred Goldsmith, Ray Phillips, Sergio Foster, Brian Wels, Dean Edwards, JIm Danielson, Tim Brensen
    Genres: Toys, Gay, Outdoor, Couples, Bodybuilder, Bareback
    Video language: English

    Unbelievable Romantic Gay Sex In Outdoor
    While on spring break, these frat brothers love sticking their cocks in each others virgin assholes!

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 6:56
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 3905kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    File size: 204.8 MB
    Download Island daze Scene #5

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    News post111

    D.O. Gets His Ass Pounded by Trenton Ducati

    Trenton Ducati ducks out of work to meet his hookup, D.O., on the East Side of Manhattan. They meet outside in a construction area, check each other out, and decide to head back to Trenton's apartment to have some fun. As soon as they're through the door D.O. and Trenton take their shirts off and start feeling up their muscular chests -- Trenton is hardier in his build, whereas D.O. is leaner. They make out for a while before Trenton slides down D.O.'s body and runs his mouth over the Latin hunk's cock through his white briefs. Trenton pulls the uncut piece of meat out and swallows it up; D.O. then bends over and Trenton plays with his hole after they swap some more head. D.O. uses his mouth to make sure Trenton is rock-hard before he rolls on a condom and lubes up, and D.O.'s ass is high up in the air and begging for a fucking. When Trenton slides in, D.O. moans and groans -- it's a wonder he can take it at all. He's so tight and Trenton's cock is big and fat! Trenton grabs ahold of D.O. and hoists him onto his lap so D.O. can ride his pumping pecker. After awhile D.O. needs a break, so the guys flip positions and D.O. sticks his huge uncut cock deep inside Trenton's ass, showing him he's just as much a top!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 27:54
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2329kbps
    Audio: 307kbps

    File size: 540.1 MB
    Download D.O. Gets His Ass Pounded by Trenton Ducati

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    News post112

    Two cocks for a gay

    Studio: GTM
    Video language: English

    The tiny white jockstraps that this dark-skinned Latino is sporting are driving his fuckmates totally crazy. Watch one of them plug his mouth with cock while the other turns him over and starts rimming his tight ass preparing it for the penetration!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 20:23
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4926kbps
    Audio: 73kbps

    File size: 747.0 MB
    Download Two cocks for a gay

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    News post113

    WOM-Billy Baval Ashley Ryder

    Video language: English

    When Ashley phoned me and invited me to his house he said he had a surprise for me and told me to bring my camera but wouldn't give away any more details. Now, knowing Ashley, I knew where this was going but had no idea what kind of man I would find in his bed. I arrived the next day and he introduced me to Billy. I was extremely pleased and more than a little turned on by the sight of this sexy man in his short, baggy jogging bottoms. Now Ashley hasn't been in front of the camera for a while and wanted me to record and share with you his comeback. And that's one thing I was more than happy to do! Ashley and Billy have a great chemistry, the one you get when a power bottom meets a total top. He loved sucking that big dick till the bone as much as Billy loved eating and fingering Ashley's welcoming ass. It wasn't long before Billy plunges his dick inside Ashley and gives his hole a really good workout!...

    Format: mov (QuickTime)
    Duration: 21:36
    Video: 960x540, MP4V, 2938kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    File size: 485.5 MB
    Download WOM-Billy Baval Ashley Ryder

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    News post114

    Island daze Scene #4

    Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
    Cast: Fabrice Felder, Renato Bellagio, Rick Perry, Fred Goldsmith, Ray Phillips, Sergio Foster, Brian Wels, Dean Edwards, JIm Danielson, Tim Brensen
    Genres: Toys, Gay, Outdoor, Couples, Bodybuilder, Bareback
    Video language: English

    They say that not enuf sex may cause impaired vision. Well, the boys of 1CIsland Daze 1D see 20/20! The second in a series of 3 Greek movies by Csaba Borbely- continues its story of rock-hard suspense and sex-filled thrills as you follow two underground organizations striving for 100% satisfaction and longing for cum drenched revenge!

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 15:22
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 3907kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    File size: 454.2 MB
    Download Island daze Scene #4

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    News post115

    Superman jerking off

    Studio: GTM
    Video language: English

    The star of this solo gay porn vid is the real superhero type rocking wide shoulders, perfect muscles, a square jaw and a nice-sized dick that comes out from the very first seconds of his shoot. Witness this gay Superman's battle with overexcitement!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 9:55
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4937kbps
    Audio: 93kbps

    File size: 366.0 MB
    Download Superman jerking off

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    News post116

    Jeff Loaded by Darko and the XXL Fucker

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: ericvideos
    Cast: Jeff, Darko, XXL Fucker
    Genres: anal, oral, hairy, bareback, hardcore, cumshot, facial
    Video language: English

    Darko and the XXL fucker met with Jeff who wanted to take two huge dicks. The cute guy joined them in the basement of a bar to suck their big poles before taking them up his ass and getting loaded; the two thugs were really full that day !

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 18:39
    Video: 1272x712, Windows Media Video 9, 2929kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 272.9 MB
    Download Jeff Loaded by Darko and the XXL Fucker

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