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Thread: Gay Videos

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    News post55

    2 Teen Guys Reed And Paul Sucking Their Cocks In Their Office

    Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
    Cast: Reed Parker, Paul Morgan
    Genres: Anal Licking, Ass To Mouth, Blowjobs, Hardcore
    Video language: English

    Naughty guys stripping and sucking cocks in their house and sucking cocks before fucking their assholes.

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 18:30
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 3905kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    File size: 546.7 MB
    Download 2 Teen Guys Reed And Paul Sucking Their Cocks In Their Office

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    News post56

    SC-Beau Mitch: Behind the Scenes

    Video language: English

    Behind-the-scenes footage from Beau Mitch!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 2:35
    Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2000kbps
    Audio: 46kbps

    File size: 39.3 MB
    Download SC-Beau Mitch: Behind the Scenes

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    News post57


    Release Year: 2011
    Studio: seancody
    Cast: Tom
    Genres: Studs, Oral, Cumshots, Muscules, SiteRip
    Video language: English

    Tom is a big solid guy. He's been a football player most of his life, and he says he's very good at skiing. In fact, at one point he had professional sponsors!
    All that running around on the field has made him a very muscled guy. And the skiing has produced very meaty legs and a muscled butt! The rest of his body is impressive as well. The spread on his "lats" was huge when he turned around and flexed!
    Tom is not all brawn, though. He's studying petroleum engineering in college and is excited to see what kind of opportunities that will bring.
    When we got him undressed he was a bit shy at first, but he was more than willing to show off and stroke his thick cock!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 13:43
    Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2000kbps
    Audio: 46kbps

    File size: 208.8 MB
    Download Tom

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    News post58

    Tony Star Takes A Seven Inch Ride

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: Videoboys / Squirtz
    Genres: twinks, solo, masturbation, toys, dildo
    Video language: English

    In many ways Tony Star is as innocent as he looks. Oh, he's had boyfriends and for an eighteen year old, he's really had plenty of sex. But what surprised us about Tony was that, in spite of being a dedicated bottom, he has never even once used a dildo. But he was certainly anxious to try one.

    So Tony went down to the local sex shop and carefully chose the perfect dildo for him. Not too big, not too small. A "big seven inches" was his ideal for a device he intended to use on a regular basis. When he got it home and pulled it out of the package he marvelled at the texture and the girth. Once Tony was horned up enough, he was ready and eager, to get that big plastic cock in his ass. And though it took a few minutes for his sphincter to adjust to the thick shaft, once it was in, it seemed as though this dildo was custom designed for Tony's tight little ass.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 23:16
    Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 2512kbps
    Audio: 105kbps

    File size: 475.0 MB
    Download Tony Star Takes A Seven Inch Ride

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    News post59

    Dominic Sol Bruno Knight

    Dominic Sol's bare, cafe-con-leche colored flesh quivers as he ferociously locks lips andtongues with tattooed, daddy Bruno Knight. Their moans echo across the brick walls as theyfeed on their sexual hunger, then Dominic drops to his knees to unzip the leather pouch ofBruno's jock strap. The cum gutters on Bruno's hairy abs cast shadows pointing to the fatcock that is now stretching the contours of Dominic's mouth. Bruno rams so hard he nearlyfalls over, and his reward is the impact of Dominic's lips against his balls as his cockvanishes into a sucking mouth. Bruno's balls are churning, but before he grants them releasehe must satisfy the demands of Dominic's hole. A slamming fuck with both men on theirknees sends sweat flying. Every time Bruno's cock comes into crashing contact withDominic's glutes, waves a pleasure cascade across Dominic's torso. They manage to holdback for one more position before erupting in cum. Dominic shoots on his belly, eatsBruno's load, then shoot a second time onto the floor.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 17:16
    Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1732kbps
    Audio: 145kbps

    File size: 238.4 MB
    Download Dominic Sol Bruno Knight

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    News post60

    Man Juice-s2

    Studio: Legend
    Genres: Oral, Anal
    Video language: English

    Another cum-laden spooge fest. If you like hard cock, explosive cum shots, hard bodies and lots of sex you've come to the right place. Enjoy these comely young studs and their adventures! These high protein shakes will fill you up time and time again.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 23:44
    Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 732kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 139.1 MB
    Download Man Juice-s2

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    News post61

    SC- Mack

    Video language: English

    He called me 1Csir 1D and that was a sure sign that Mack is a good ol' Southern boy and we all know how fun Southern boys can be. He likes four wheeling, or 1Cmuddin' 1D as he called it, bull riding, sports and the ranch life in general.

    He's had some wild times and has been working in construction but is ready to move on in life and start college.

    1CWhat's the dumbest thing you've ever done? 1D

    1CI shot a cop car with a paint ball gun, 1D he said.

    1CNo way! Did you go to juvie for that? 1D

    1CNo, 1D he laughed. 1CI never got caught. 1D

    I've never done it, but I guess bull riding is good for the body 13 Mack is lean, defined and solid. He works his foreskin just right while jerking off to the point where you can see all his muscles flexing.

    After tossing a football around at the park and some acrobatics, he opened up a bit more about traveling, life and sex. It's a sure bet that he's excited to see the world!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 17:18
    Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2000kbps
    Audio: 46kbps

    File size: 263.2 MB
    Download SC- Mack

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    News post62


    Release Year: 2011
    Studio: seancody
    Cast: Dale
    Genres: Studs, Oral, Cumshots, Muscules, SiteRip
    Video language: English

    Dale is an acrobatic performer and he's travelled the world. All that training has paid off and let's just say that he is very, very flexible!
    His smile said it all 14 he was very happy to be here. That doesn't mean he wasn't a bit nervous, though.
    "If someone were to ask you what you best feature was, what would you say?" I asked.
    "My smile."
    "Do you smile when you're nervous?"
    "Is that why you are smiling right now?"
    Right after that, he set himself up with a comment about his shorts being too tight 26 he was going to show off some stretches, and naked around here is always better. To my surprise, he went right into a series of splits that opened his muscular ass right up! I can only imagine what exciting possibilities these stretches could lead to when paired with a hard dick!
    Best of all, Dale is gay. I would bet that any guy he dates would be in for some leg-splitting fucking!
    When he's not working as a trainer, he plays soccer, football and anything else that gets the adrenaline pumping, including MMA sports. He showed us some of his moves, and then his pants came down... and his dick was already hard!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 15:29
    Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2000kbps
    Audio: 46kbps

    File size: 235.4 MB
    Download Dale

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    News post63

    From Video Games to Joy Sticks

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: Videoboys
    Cast: Etienne Kidd and Tony Star
    Genres: twinks, all sex, oral, anal
    Video language: English

    Etienne Kidd and Tony Star have something very important in common. It's not that they're both super cute twinks and its not that they both have big dicks. The one thing they have in common that brought them together was the fact that they both LOVE to play video games. If each is playing alone, they can go for hours without taking a break to eat or sleep. But somehow when they are playing video games together in the same room, it always starts out innocently enough but once Etienne starts to snuggle and Tony's dick starts to awaken, the urgency of the video game seems to fade with the excitement of the moment. Tony loves killing zombies but he loves getting his ass pounded just a little bit more. And Etienne has the perfect sized dick for the job.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 17:58
    Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 2607kbps
    Audio: 99kbps

    File size: 379.3 MB
    Download From Video Games to Joy Sticks

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    News post64

    Secrets Of Wrestlers Slam Vol2 Scene #2

    Release Year: 2002
    Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
    Cast: Claudio Antonelli, Nick Reiner, Erik Maestro, Luciano Endino, Jack Laurel, Brian Wels, Fernando Nielsen, Sergio Foster, Jonathan Collins, Fred Goldsmith, Leslie Manzel, Rick Perry, Justin Stewart
    Genres: Muscles, Oral, Anal, Jocks, Wrestling, Group Sex, Orgy, Hairy
    Video language: English

    Four Faggots Wrestle Together And Suck Cock
    Twinks get together after a wrestling match and begin to rub each others bodies in the locker room, before they fuck.

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 20:57
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264)
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 596.6 MB
    Download Secrets Of Wrestlers Slam Vol2 Scene #2

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