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    Suite703 - Hot Jocks Nice Cocks - Diesel Washington, Alexander Garrett Steven Ponce

    After a long practice Coach Diesel feels that Alexander and Steven need to be taught some teamwork. The two have not been getting along lately and it shows in their performance. Diesel has a plan that he knows will whip them into shape and force them to lean on each other in more ways than one.

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 00:26:12
    Video: 850x480, Windows Media Video 9, 2000 kbps
    Audio: 96 kbps

    File size: 394.4 MB
    Download Suite703 - Hot Jocks Nice Cocks - Diesel Washington, Alexander Garrett Steven Ponce

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    Suite703 - I'm Married Man - Diesel Washington Scott Alexander

    Diesel's wife hates basketball so much that he practically has to take a vacation to watch his favorite game. He gets his first chance in the hotel room, but somebody on the team dropped the ball. Scott, from house keeping, comes in to do a little clean up, but he winds up making a big spill...on Diesel's crotch. Slippery fingers on the court can't be helped, but a slippery cock is a different matter. Who cares if his team can't get it up? Diesel can, and he's going for the rim-shot.

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 00:29:34
    Video: 850x480, Windows Media Video 9, 2000 kbps
    Audio: 96 kbps

    File size: 445.0 MB
    Download Suite703 - I'm Married Man - Diesel Washington Scott Alexander

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    Brent Everett - Brent Paul - Dueling JOs

    Meet Paul, a straight, hot, 19 year-old wrestler appearing here for the first time. This time it was just a dueling jackoff "contest". But you can be sure you'll see him again both by himself and with other models and with me. He's just too much of a hunk, and sexy and horny! Trust me. ;-)

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 00:22:23
    Video: 960x528, Windows Media Video 9, 2000 kbps
    Audio: 64 kbps

    File size: 331.7 MB
    Download Brent Everett - Brent Paul - Dueling JOs

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    STR8HELL - Kristof Hertz - SPANKING

    Model Name: Kristof Hertz
    Age: 18
    Home Town: Hermanuv Mestec show map
    Height: 188cm/6'2" Weight: 81kg/178.2lb
    Foot Size: EU46/US9.3/UK8.7 Penis Size: 18cm/7.09"
    Profession/Student of: Salesman
    Hobbies: Sport
    Favorite Sports: Bodybuilding
    Active Sports: Basketball
    Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Tomas Repka
    Visited Coutries: Italy
    Want to Visit Coutries: Germany
    Dream of My Life: Have fun!
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 00:26:02
    Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1983 kbps
    Audio: 128 kbps

    File size: 394.9 MB
    Download STR8HELL - Kristof Hertz - SPANKING

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    News post348

    LE - LR - Raunchy Top Edji Da Silva Degrades Rio Montenegro with Spit and Piss

    Rio Montenegro is innocent looking enough: he has a sweet baby face, and from the beginning when he's presented to Arabic power-top and Lucas Entertainment exclusive Edji Da Silva, it's going to be rough. Edji never takes it easy on anyone -- his cock is rock-hard from the beginning, and Rio uses his mouth as a hole for Edji to fuck. The Arabic hunk fucks Rio's face like a little bitch, grabbing his hair and ramming his throat. When Edji tires of the bottom's mouth, he flips Rio over, pries open his hole with a rough finger-fuck, and pisses in his hole and on his back. Rio loves being treated like a sex toy, and be bolts back around and starts worshipping his top's cock more with his mouth. The guys embrace their filth by pissing more on each other and then lapping up the puddles of urine and spitting it back on each other! More than once, to put Rio in his place, Edji slaps him around to prove who is boss. The raunchy degradation concludes with the boys mixing cum into the puddles of piss!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 00:19:29
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1249 kbps
    Audio: 300 kbps

    File size: 222.1 MB
    Download LE - LR - Raunchy Top Edji Da Silva Degrades Rio Montenegro with Spit and Piss

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    News post349

    Helix Studio - Study Hall Hookup - Alexander Van de Kamp Kurt Summers

    Kurt Summers knows there are always boys getting horned up in the 'sexuality' section of library. This is where Alexander finds Kurt stroking his bulge to a gay sex book. The naughty college boys love the thrill of giving and getting head with the possibility of getting caught. Kurt swallows Alexander's big bone, then flips around so Alexander can pull down his trunk briefs and give him a good rimming against the book shelves. Alexander pumps Kurt's creamy white ass full of cock so hard someone is sure to hear. Kurt gets what's most likely to be the thickest facial ever to grace the study halls.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 00:24:55
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2923kbps
    Audio: 97kbps

    File size: 569.6 MB
    Download Helix Studio - Study Hall Hookup - Alexander Van de Kamp Kurt Summers

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    William Higgins - Tomas Jirasko - EROTIC SOLO

    Tomas Jirasko live in Rousinov and is aged 20. He works as a sales representative and enjoys sports and football. Tomas looks very good in his rather striking shirt. After his interview he begins to feel his groin, with a hand dipping into his pants. Then outside he squeezes his cocka nd begins to undo his shirt, revealing a nice, slim build. Continuing to squeeze his cock thru his pants Tomas then opens his pants and pulls out a mighty fine schlong. It is rock hard and standing up. Tomas grabs hold of it and wanks it with long, slow strokes. A pair of massive balls hang out of his pants as he wanks that cock. As he wanks his big fat cock a Helping Hand arrives and begins to feel Tomas' chest and then remove his pants. Once Tomas is fully naked, apart from his tie, the helping hand takes hold of that massive dick and begins to wank it. Feeling those big balls and playing with the cock the hands then open the piss slit, and a massive opening it is too. The hand then decides on more and begins to play, a little, with Tomas' ass. Before long he takes a vibrator and pushes it into that ass and it has a remarkable effect on Tomas. He responds by dumping a great big load of cum, as he is wanked by the hand. Fully spent Tomas moves to the shower to clean up.

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 00:33:52
    Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1986 kbps
    Audio: 128 kbps

    File size: 304.6 MB
    Download William Higgins - Tomas Jirasko - EROTIC SOLO

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    News post351

    HardBritLads - Drew Brody Scott Hunter - 10 inch Rugby Lad Fucks Hot Muscle

    All you fans of monstercock are gonna love this one, as hot muscular bottom Scott Hunter takes on rugby lad Drew Brodys massive, super thick ten inch dick. With tons of horny action and great chemistry, this is one incredible scene, that you DONT wanna miss 26

    The lads begin with some hot nipple play, with Drew enjoying Scotts big muscular chest, licking the nipples on his huge pecs, feeling his bulging biceps, then some passionate kissing. Drews massive cock already hard, and bulging inside his sports shorts. Scott gropes him, feeling the size of his monster meat, and as Drew rubs the bulge in Scotts shiny white sport shorts, he gets hard too.

    Drew pulls off his top, and Scott sucks on his nipples, then makes his way down his body and drops to his knees to get a close up feeling of that fat ten incher. He rubs and squeezes it, then pulls down Drews shorts. Despite looking enormous, at this point, its still only semi, and hangs thick and heavy halfway down his leg. So hot. Scott takes hold of it and opens his mouth wide, taking it into his mouth. As he begins to suck, Drew quickly gets hard. Its SO big and thick that Scott, who can normally deep throat, can only manage to get about half of it down.

    As he struggles to suck deeper, Drew grips his head and pushes it deeper into his throat. Intense. Scott clearly loves this and Drew starts fucking his mouth. Next is one of the horniest things Ive filmed in a while. Its an underneath shot, from under Drews legs, looking up at Scotts face as Drew pounds his now throbbing and wrist thick meat into Scotts mouth and throat. It goes on for some time, till Scott cant take any more. HORNY AS FUCK.

    Drew returns the favour by giving Scott a very hot sucking, effortlessly deepthroating his perfect uncut seven inch cock, as he lays back against the sofa. But Scott is eager to get that dick back into his mouth, and its not long before Drew is laying on his back, with Scott on all fours between his legs, mouth straining as wide as possible to get as much of that huge meat back down his throat. Seeing such a fit muscular lad struggling with such a huge dick is always seriously horny.

    With a cock this big, the arse taking it needs a lot of warming up, and Drew is great at getting Scotts hole really wet, licking it over and over, pushing his tongue in. He starts rubbing Scotts hole with his finger and thumb, then pushes his finger in and starts sliding it in and out. He is laying on his side, and as Drew works on Scotts hungry hole, Scott takes that monster meat back into his mouth, so you have some really horny action here, oral and arseplay at the same time. Drew slides in two fingers, then three, into Scotts arse, making him moan, and works on it till he is ready..

    Scott lays on his side, on the floor, holding one leg up. Drew kneels, rubbing his cock against Scotts hole then slowly pushes it in.. He starts slow and gentle, and keeps it that way till the noises Scott makes indicate he is ready to go harder.. and Drew does 26 he changes the position as he is fucking him, and keeps going till Scott cant take any more.

    Next, Scott is leaning against the sofa, with Drew standing behind him. He pushes his cock in harder this time, Scott clearly loving the intensity of it, and grips his arse and begins fucking. We have great shots from underneath, showing Scotts arse being stretched wide, esp when Drew using long strokes showing all that length.

    For a final position, Scott is on all fours on the floor, his back arched, showing off that spectacular arse of his. Drew rubs his throbbing thick meat between Scotts pale butt cheeks, then gently slides it back in to that hungry hole. He fucks with long strokes, leaning his body back to show us an amazing shot showing Drews point of view as he looks down at his humungous cock, slowly plowing all the way in and out of that pale muscular arse. He speeds a bit and gives us some hard fucking too 26 I cant tell you how hot it is.

    By this point Scotts arse cant take any more, and he gets onto his back to jerk off whilst sucking on that throbbing ten incher. With that in his mouth, it doesnt take long before Scott is showering his sweaty abs with his hot spunk, and plenty of it. The sight of this makes Drew shoot his load, and Scott opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out to receive it 26 Drew shoots over Scotts mouth and squeezes the rest of his thick while milky monstercock juice onto Scotts tongue. Scott savours it, and opens wide to suck on the still hard dick, milking the rest of the cum out of it..

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 00:22:10
    Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 2492 kbps
    Audio: 125 kbps

    File size: 425.7 MB
    Download HardBritLads - Drew Brody Scott Hunter - 10 inch Rugby Lad Fucks Hot Muscle

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    Phoenixxx - Mitch Vaughn JP Richards - How Badly Do You Want It

    Mitch Vaughn wants JP Richards to prove to him just how much he wants the job. JP gets down to service Mitch's hard cock before he impales himself and rides it. He takes a hard pounding over the chair and on the floor, before Mitch pulls out and shoots his load. He leaves the new guy laying on the floor to finish himself off.

    Categories: Other Location, Fuck Standing Up, Riding, Missionary, DoggyStyle, Cum Jerking Off, Jocks, Large Dick, Shaved Head, Cut, Trimmed, Fucking, Black Hair, Interracial, Anal

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 00:14:33
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3979 kbps
    Audio: 127 kbps

    File size: 437.9 MB
    Download Phoenixxx - Mitch Vaughn JP Richards - How Badly Do You Want It

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    News post353

    GayRoom - Damn Thats Big - Fresh Clean - Marc Dylan Christian Wilde

    Marc grew excited while he was fondling himself in the shower. When his lover came in to join him, things got even more exciting. While they were lathering each other up, their dicks got rock hard. After the shower they moved to the bedroom where they could get their fresh clean bodies dirty all over again.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 00:20:07
    Video: 950x536, AVC (H.264), 1834 kbps
    Audio: 96 kbps

    File size: 284.4 MB
    Download GayRoom - Damn Thats Big - Fresh Clean - Marc Dylan Christian Wilde

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