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Thread: Gay Videos

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    News post64

    James Ryder

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: Next Door Male
    Cast: James Ryder
    Genres: Solo, Masturbation
    Video language: English

    Meet James Ryder! He's a very hot boy with a quirky, fun personality. James has a sexy, firm physique that he loves to show off. Join him as he relaxes and strokes his long, hard cock. He has an adorable smile that's irresistible. James will have you pulling out your own dick to join in the fun. Enjoy him here as he takes time to enjoy his own body to the fullest.Enjoy!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 23:42
    Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1759kbps
    Audio: 147kbps

    File size: 332.0 MB
    Download James Ryder

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    News post65

    Hard up Scene #3

    Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
    Cast: Anthony Cruz, Eric Rein, Marc West, Richard Bangs
    Genres: Solo, Gay, Bareback
    Video language: English

    A muscle/hustle kid, a guy next door, a Latin stud, a tatooed homeboy and a daddy jock... something for everyone!

    Starring Eric Rein, Ricky Cunthan, Richard Bangs, Anthony Lopez and Marc West.

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 16:57
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264)
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 479.1 MB
    Download Hard up Scene #3

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    News post66

    The Very Exclusive! Leo Plowed And Loaded By Igor -The MachoFucker

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: EricVideos
    Genres: Bareback,Oral,Anal,Huge dicks
    Video language: English

    Leo met IGOR- the MachoFucker XXL stallion! The beautiful Italian knew what he could expect, a huge cock and lots of cum in his hole...

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 17:59
    Video: 1280x720, MP4V, 2414kbps
    Audio: 161kbps

    File size: 339.8 MB
    Download The Very Exclusive! Leo Plowed And Loaded By Igor -The MachoFucker

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    News post67

    Kidd's Portions

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and naturally we're all thinking about food. But for Tommy Dubois food is more than just something to eat. Tommy's appetite for food is intimately linked to his appetite for sex and nothing is more arousing for him than to mix the two together.

    Etienne Kidd is up for anything that involves an abundance of rimming and sucking so we just added a can of whip cream, some cherries and whatever other food you can eat off a body and everybody was happy. The licking and sucking got going with gusto. Etienne had no problem with Tommy's huge cock when he put it in his mouth but when it came time to take it in his tight little ass it wasn't such an easy fit. But Etienne took some deep breaths, moaned, and pushed and finally took everything Tommy had to offer. His hardon was proof that there was some pleasure along with that pain. In the end, everyone's appetite was completely satisfied.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 24:46
    Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 2480kbps
    Audio: 110kbps

    File size: 501.1 MB
    Download Kidd's Portions

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    News post68

    Casting Couch 281 Leonardo Lucatto Nicolas Taxman

    Release Year: 2012
    Cast: Leonardo Lucatto Nicolas Taxman
    Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Flip-flop, Interracial, Hung, Kissing, Latinos, Masturbation, Muscle, Tattoos.
    Video language: English

    Reviews by mensparkle: Hot south american man Nicolas Taxman flip-fucks handsome Leonardo Lucatto in Casting Couch #281. Nicolas is rugged-looking and masculine. His bubble butt is so yummy that you wanna put your tongue or dick up there. They start making out by a passionate kiss before they take turns worship the buddy's big dick. Nicolas fucks Leonardo missionary first, then he returns the favor by riding Leonardo's big dick in reverse cowgirl. A nice rough men scene of race difference attraction.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 11:48
    Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 1459kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 137.1 MB
    Download Casting Couch 281 Leonardo Lucatto Nicolas Taxman

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    News post69

    WH-Filip Martin RAW

    Video language: English

    It's always good to see Martin Bogdan back in the studio. We brought him in to work with the lovely Filip Cervenka, who was in for a screentest. Filip had previously just done a soft duo with another guy. Sitting on the bed the guys look very good together, but Martin wastes no time in getting things going. He moves over to Filip and begins kissing him. Filip responds well their lips coming together as Martin starts to feel himself in his underwear. Martin quickly moves on to groping Filip who follows his lead. Then Filip's underwear comes off so that Martin can suck on his cock. He has always been very good at sucking and soon has Filip rock hard. His own cock is hard too, as always happens when he gets together with a hot guy. Martin's head bobs up and down on that cock as he savors the taste and feel of it. Filip then returns the favor and begins to suck on Martin's dick, which is big, thick and very hard indeed. Filip's lips close around the cock head and he starts to suck, wanking it as well, and then licking up and down the staft. Then it is hands-free as that big cock stands up so well with Filip's mouth sliding up and down on the shaft. Filip is really having a great time on that cock and then goes the extra step. Martin lifts his legs and exposes his ass, which Filip rims, his tongue licking at the hole. Then a finger pushes into the hole as well. He has a feast in front of him and sucks the cock, nibbles the balls and rims the hole in turn. Then a bit more fingering and he is ready to go further. Up on his knees Filip presents his hard cock to Martin's ass and pushes in. The cock slips past the sphincter and moves deep into the hole. He fucks Martin with nice long strokes, slowly at first. Martin's cock stays fully hard and he wanks it as he feels Filip's dick deep inside him. Then Filip's fucking speeds up and he really pumps his cock into Martin as hard as he can. Martin really loves how that cock feels in his ass and wanks himself hard as he takes it. Changing position the guys continue to fuck, with Filip grabbing Martin's hips to give him more traction as he fucks. Martin continues to wank himself as his hole gets pounded. Filip is really working himself up to a frenzy with his cock throbbing deep in Martin's ass. He is ready to cum and moves to Martin's head to deliver it. Martin wants the cum in his mouth and holds it in place to catch the juice as Filip blows. He then closes his mouth over Filip's dick to drain the last of the cum from him before getting ready to do the same for his partner. He quickly shoots his cum over Filip's face, wiping his cock over it before Filip takes it in his mouth to finish it off. Then the guys kneel to face each other and finish off by kissing each other again. Martin, as ever, shows us what great lover he is and Filip responded beautifully throughout, giving Martin exactly what he wanted.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 24:16
    Video: 1920x1080, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 2423kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 454.6 MB
    Download WH-Filip Martin RAW

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    News post70

    Hard up Scene #2

    Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
    Cast: Anthony Cruz, Eric Rein, Marc West, Richard Bangs
    Genres: Solo, Gay, Bareback
    Video language: English

    This collection of solos is heavy on big cocked, smooth and hairy straight dudes who are quite aware that they're whacking it on-camera for the gay crowd to catch. Brought to you by John Summers, producer of Monsters and Size Queens, and trust honey - he's more than familiar with both!

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 9:49
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264)
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 277.2 MB
    Download Hard up Scene #2

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    News post71

    First Time Cristiano seeded Matt

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: EricVideos
    Cast: Matt, Cristiano
    Genres: Bareback, Cum Eating, Facial, Rimming, Hunks, Hardcore, Big Cock, Anal/Oral Sex
    Video language: English

    Cristiano was having a break on a bench, Matt was walking down the street, saw him then came back and start talking. They finished the afternoon together for a hot juicy fuck.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 16:15
    Video: 1272x712, Windows Media Video 9, 2929kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 242.6 MB
    Download First Time Cristiano seeded Matt

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    News post72

    Full Contact - Petr and Jakub - Screen Test

    Studio: WilliamHiggins
    Cast: Jakub Frydl, Petr Kluk
    Genres: Anal/Oral sex, Big Dick, Rimming, Blow Job, Cumshots
    Video language: English

    Jakub Frydel and Petr Kluk came in for a screentest. With Petr taking the lead, interviewing Jakub before getting started.
    Then interview over the guys start to kiss. Petr's cock is hard in his underwear and he has Jakub take a feel of it and then take it out.
    Next thing to do is to suck that hard cock and Jakub gets right to it. He takes the cock in his mouth and shows that he knows how to suck.
    After kissing again it is Petr's turn to suck on Jakub's cock too. Petr is an expert sucker and does a great job, kissing and licking Jakub's nipples as well.
    Then Jakub takes another turn on Petr's big dick. After having his fill of cock in his mouth Jakub lifts his legs and presents his ass to Petr for some rimming. Petr's tongue licks at the hole and then starts to finger it as well. The hole opens well and it is not long before Petr's cock is sliding into the hole for some hot fucking. His big cock really stretches the hole and plows on in there as Jakub wanks his own hard cock. Jakub takes it very well indeed and is soon ready to sit on it and ride it. His ass slides up and down on Petr's thick cock. Petr then takes over and fucks his dick way up into Jakub's ass before changing position and fucking him so more. Jakub is wanking himself as Petr thrusts his cock as deep as he can. It's not long before Jakub passes the point of no return and shoots a nice load as his ass is still taking cock. Petr then needs to shoot his load too and positions Jakub so he can shoot up into his mouth. After dumping his load Petr pushes Jakub down on the cock to clean it off before a final kiss to end a very good screentest.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 26:42
    Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1933kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 404.1 MB
    Download Full Contact - Petr and Jakub - Screen Test

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    News post73

    Casting Couch 278: Jake Genesis, Robin Sanchez

    Release Year: 2012
    Cast: Jake Genesis, Robin Sanchez
    Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Bodybuilders, Cum swapping, Hung, Facial, Flip-flop, Kissing, Latinos, Uncut, Tattoos
    Video language: English

    Casting Couch 278 starring Jake and Robin is a sizzling exchange of lust between two hot muscular men. You may remember Robin from some of his earlier castings. He has hit the gym harder than anyone else and now all his hard work is here on display for your voyeuristic pleasure. Jake has been observing Robin's hard work and wanted to get his hands all over those huge muscles. Jake brings Robin home after the gym and both cocks are rock hard and straining to be released. Robin's shorts drop off quickly exposing his fat, rigid cock, he is quick to strip Jake of his shorts as well to gaze upon Jake's huge, hard cock. Jake begins working his way up and down that fat cock with his hot lips and tongue. Devouring Robin's fat cock to its full length is driving Robin wild with pleasure. Robin begins fucking Jake's hot mouth and Jake gives him the pleasure of his mouth and throat. Each continues to pleasure the other with their expert oral skills, switching back and forth. Robin now bends Jake over the table and penetrates his hot, pink, hairy hole completely. Jake is truly enjoying being pounded by Robin's fat cock. His own cock remains rigid and begging for attention. Robin now lays down on the table and commands Jake to fuck him. Jake's hard cock slowly and steadily penetrates Robin until buried deep within. Robin's ass is being teased as Jake pulls out fully and then re-enters, pulls out, re-enters. Jake has stimulated Robin so much so that Robin takes his hard cock in his hand and explodes his load all over his muscular thigh. The feel of that hot muscle ass drawn into spasms of pleasure around his cock drives Jake over the edge. Robin spins around just in time to take Jake's cock in his mouth as Jake erupts his hot load in Robin's hungry mouth. There is so much cum that it begins to spew all over Robin's face. This is a Casting Couch you will be telling all your buddies about.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 19:19
    Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 1465kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 225.3 MB
    Download Casting Couch 278: Jake Genesis, Robin Sanchez

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