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    We are big Scott Isaac fans, and after months of us trying to get something up his tight little asshole, Scott decided to try a toy. Scott was excited when we went to the store to pick it out, and when we got back, he took it out of the box to admire it. Luckily, less than an hour later Scott was pounding his meat and stretching his hole. After working his enormous cock up Scott gets on his knees, shoves his butt in the air, and slowly begins working the dildo into his ass. As his hole gets a little looser, Scott starts to enjoy it. The rhythm of the strokes begins to intensify and Scott starts trying some different moves. As he flips over onto his back, Scott begins to really work his cock as he pleasures his hole at the same time. As Scott gets more intense, the dildo goes in deeper and deeper until Scott cannot wait any longer. He busts a nice load and rubs his hole a little longer, enjoying the feeling. Hot stuff!

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    Download Scott-isaac-and-his-dildo

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    Alex Vaara has a sexy ass, but it looks even better when it is getting stuffed with a long thick uncut dick! Jerry Ford is the lucky one this week. Jerry and Alex start out hot and heavy, kissing each other, necking, enjoying each others bodies, before Alex gets too excited to wait longer. Alex goes down on Jerry and gives this BJ everything he has got. Jerry is loving the attention his dick is getting, and begins to slowly face-fuck Alex for the ultimate pleasure. Jerry takes his turn gobbling down Alexs cock, too, and as he licks Alexs balls and sucks on the head of his cock, Alex rolls his eyes and starts getting sweaty. Before long Alex is on all fours begging to be fucked hard. Jerry gives it to him, too! Jerry plunges in and out of Alexs very tight hole, enjoying the cock surrounded by a little stretched-out hole. Alex is not satisfied yet, though, and he takes his turn on top riding Jerry like a trooper! Alex is rock hard himself as he bobs up and down on Jerry, alternately letting Jerry fuck him from beneath. After a few more minutes of hot fucking, Jerry fucks the cum out of Alex and drops a huge load himself, shooting past Alexs shoulder before leaning in for a sweaty passionate kiss. Great Fuck!

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    Download Jerry-ford-fucks-alex-vaara

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    Devin Adams was excited to be getting railed by Jerry Ford, and when he arrived for the scene, he had a few for some great fuck positions. Jerry agreed it would be hot, so Jerry and Devin went into it aiming for one hot ass-pounding! After making out and rubbing all over each other, Devin is down on Jerrys uncut dick, ejoying every beautiful inch. Jerry likes Devins cock, too, and he deep throats it very well, licking the tip then sliding his pursed lips all the way down the shaft. Jerry eats out Devins ass before sliding his fat dick into Devins hole, and from this point on the fucking is intense! Jerry rams into Devin doggie style, then Jerry puts Devin on his back with his legs in the air and pile-drives the shit out of him! Jerry and Devin are at this point working up a huge sweat, but they keep going, Jerry holding up Devins legs by the ankles as he slides in and out forcefully. Devin busts a nut while Jerry is fucking him, and Jerry delivers a hot creamy load as well before these two - exhausted but happy - fall into one last kiss. Great fuck!

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    Download Jerry-ford-fucks-devin-adams

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    Jason Cooper tries his hand with some hot man-on-man sex with Teagan Scott in this scene. Jason and Teagan got along great when they met, but Jason was a little nervous before the scene began. However, when Teagan starts kissing Jason all over his body and grabbing at his dick, Jason begins to get really into it, kissing Teagan passionately and kicking his libido into overdrive! Teagan works on Jasons cock, including a lot of deep-throating, which Jason obviously loves. Jason gets his first taste of cock and ends up loving it. Jason worships Teagans dick and even tries to get it all the way down his throat - not bad at all for a newbie! Once the fucking starts, Jason is intense, and he uses his big 6-3 body and hard cock to slam Teagan senseless. After warming Teagan up doggie style, Jason flips him over and keeps pounding away, until finally Teagan erupts in a hot cumshot before receiving a huge load of Jasons signature cum-eruption. Hot Fuck!

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    Download Jason-cooper-fucks-teagan-scott

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    Jason Cooper is a big guy - six foot three and weighing in at 220 pounds. Only 20 years old, this football player definitely knows how to have fun when he is not studying! Jason strips down out of his clothes revealing a great athletic body and a fresh summer tan, which contrasts nicely with his golden hair. After working his cock up, Jason gets very sensual, writhing around on the couch and enjoying himself to the max. Jason jerks off and then stands up to show us what a hot towering figure he is - continuing to stroke his dick and starting to breathe heavier. Thankfully, Jason is not bashful, and he has no problem letting us get a view of his hot ass in the air. Jason jerks his cock and spreads his cheeks, looking at the camera as if he is really wanting it. Jason finishes off on his knees, and he must have been really excited because he squirts a huge creamy load that shoots all the way up to his chin! Hot stuff!

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    Download Jason-cooper-busts-a-nut

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    When Eddie Blake told us he was ready to get plowed, we were so excited! Eddie has a delicious bubble butt and a hot pink hole - very tight. Devin Adams comes to the rescue in this hot fuck vid. Eddie and Devin, after making out, turn each others attention on their cocks. Eddie goes first, sucking and licking Devins schlong and even trying to deep throat it. Devin gets on his knees and makes sure Eddie is in the mood, too. Before long, though, Eddie is on his knees and his ass is pointing upward - Devin buries his face in Eddies ass and tongues Eddies hole deep, making sure it is ready for what is about to come next. Devin stands up and slowly pushes his dick into Eddies tight manhole, and with each successive stroke, Eddie loosens up and starts breathing a little heavier. Once Eddie is used to Devin inside him, Eddie stands up and bends over, looking forward to more pounding. Devin begins to give it to Eddie hard, and then flips Eddie over onto his back. As Devin thrusts deep inside, Eddie jerks his cock, feeling pleasure with each stroke. Eddie blows a very large wad all over himself then gets drenched again by Devin. Hot fuck!

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    Download Devin-adams-fucks-eddie-blake

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    Daniel Press is the latest hot collegiate stud to grace us with his fat cock. At 19 years old, he has all of the youthful get-up-and-go that one could hope for, and Daniel gives us an impressive jack-off! From the minute he slides off his clothes, Daniel is ready to go. He works up his big uncut cock and begins teasing us, knowing that a lot of folks out there would love to have a taste of it. His fine body starts to glisten a little as he works up a light sweat, breathing heavily and getting very riled up. When Daniel bends over, we get to see his exquisite virgin hole, and when his hard cock is propped between his legs with his butt stuck in the air, Daniel gets even more excited. Finally, Daniel flips over and works himself up to a great cumshot, even hitting his neck - which surprised even himself. Hot stuff!

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    Download Daniel-press-busts-a-nut

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    Ryan Diehl has a wanting look in his eyes that drives Alexander Greene wild, so when these two cute college dudes finally get together the results are spectacular! Ryan and Alexander kiss and neck passionately, slowly rubbing hands along each others smooth toned torsos until they are popping wood out of their shorts. Ryan goes down on Alexanders big cock, and as he gives Alexander one of the best BJs of his life, Alexander has a cock harder than a stone. Alexander returns the favor, but soon Ryan has his ass up in the air and a tongue in his butthole, exploring a young tight hole that gets him extremely excited. After Ryan is loosened up, Alexander hops up and shoves his cock deep into Ryan. Ryan is a tight one, so it takes a minute, but after that Ryan is on fire as Alexander fucks him senseless. Alexander flips Ryan onto his back and keeps pounding. As the fucking intensifies, Ryan shoots a hot creamy load and shorty thereafter gets a helping of Alexanders hot manjuice. Hot Fuck!

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    Download Alexander-greene-fucks-ryan-diehl

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    Buddy Davis has been keeping himself very busy for a while, so we were thrilled when he let us know he was up for some more fucking! Alexander Greene is the lucky guy in this sexy vid. Buddy and Alexander are so hot together - when they begin making out you can sense the heat. As they are kissing, Buddy starts grabbing at Alexanders cock, and Alexander, excited, starts grabbing back. The hard cocks are practically ripping out of their pants, and when Buddys raging hard-on pops out, Alexander is down on it in no time. Alexander and Buddy trade some wet delicious blowjobs before Alexander gets stuffed. Buddy plants his cock deep inside Alexander and continues to pump away while Alexander is stroking his cock and enjoying the action. Buddy places Alexander on his stomach - ass out - and starts giving it to him deep and hard. These college studs finish up on the floor, and Buddy fucks Alexander until he blows a creamy white load. Buddy can barely contain himself and immediately pulls out, rips his condom off and spurts a big juicy load before he leans down to give Alexander one last kiss. Hot Stuff!

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    Download Buddy-davis-fucks-alexander-greene

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    Cole Gartner and Tony Falco make some heat in this scene. Cole is an awesome guy, and he and Tony have known each other for quite some time now. The two had never gotten together though, and perhaps there was some sexual tension building - when Cole and Tony start kissing the game is on instantly! Cole works on Tony and his hot Italian cock. We love the way Cole sucks dick, licking, slurping, and taking it as deep down his throat as he can stuff it. Tony goes down on Cole next, and you can tell that Tony is looking forward to getting Coles dick in his hot ass. Tony hops on top of Cole and rides his dick, moaning and working up a sweat as Cole grabs his waist and urges him to go up and down faster and deeper. Cole and Tony exchange some hot kisses, and before you know it, Tony is on all fours, taking Cole like a man. Cole plows deeper into Tonys ass, spreading his cheeks and enjoying the feeling of Tonys hot hole. Before long, however, Tony is on his back, continuing to get pummelled and loving every second of it. Both Tony and Cole spurt out hot loads to finish a hot fuck!

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    Download Cole-gartner-fucks-tony-falco

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