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Thread: Young Girls Fantasies Vintage And Retro

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    729 T33nPorn 729

    Release Year: 1983
    Studio: Jose Benazeraf
    Genres: Classic, Feature

    A brothel like no other. The girls are here to listen to the problems of men, sex relations only follow later. Special cases lead to special situations, the girls are suitable for anything to help their customers. A police commissioner is seeking to close this facility, but the boss has connections to the government, so ...

    Format: avi
    Duration: 57:42
    Video: 640x480, XviD, 1470kbps
    Audio: 31kbps

    File size: 667.1 MB

    Download Irma the masseuse

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    1259 T33nPorn 1259

    Release Year: 1977
    Studio: Essex Video
    Cast: Sharon Thorpe, Leslie Bovee, Annette Haven, Amber Hunt, John Leslie, Kay Parker, Abigail Clayton, Desiree West, Joey Silvera, Chris Cassidy, Kay Parker, Maureen Spring, Carol Tong, Ken Hall, Jack Wright, Roberto Ramoes, Peter Andrews.
    Video language: English

    From all over the country, people go to the Sex World resort to solve their sexual problems and explore their erotic desires. The place is staffed by a group of trained technicians who use sophisticated electronic devices to pair up various people in ways that they know will result in their having fabulous sex. Just dial the wildest erotic fantasy you can imagine into a central computer, and moments later you'll be joined by a partner, or partners, whose only task is to gratify your every desire; no matter how unusual it is! This is one of the most lavishly produced XXX films ever. The sex is great; having enormous variation and energy. An excellent movie with a lot of class.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:30:18
    Video: 512x352, XviD, 1000kbps
    Audio: 54kbps

    File size: 705.3 MB

    Download Sex World (1977)

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    819 T33nPorn 819

    Year: 1974
    Country: Sweden
    Genre: Feature / Classic
    Length: 1:27:55
    Translation: Unavailable
    Russian subtitles: none
    Directed by: Mac Ahlberg
    Studio: Filminvest AB
    Marie Forsĺ ... Flossie (as Maria Lynn)
    Jack Frank ... Jack Archer
    Anita Ericsson ... Ylette (as Anita Andersson)
    Kim Frank ... Eva Leander
    Gunilla Göransson ... Teacher
    Lars Dahlgĺrd ... Georg
    Marianne Larsson ... Fanny
    Karl Göransson ... Farm-hand
    Gösta Bergqvist ... Catholic confessor
    Rune Hallberg ... Robert, Archers friend
    Irene Lindholm ... Evas beautiful girlfriend
    Ulla Sandö ... Woman in sexorgy
    Inger Sundh ... Woman on embankment
    Description: This movie is loosely based on a Victorian novel by the same name. Here's a description of that book:
    FLOSSIE, sometimes attributed to the poet Algernon Charles Swinburne (though without the slightest evidence for the claim) is the "Deep Throat" of the Victorian era. It is briefer and less floridly written than most Victorian erotica. It has the virtue, rare in these novels, of coming directly to the point. Captain Archer, the narrator of the novel, is an experienced man of thirty-five when he meets fifteen-year-old Flossie while strolling in Piccadilly. He is immediately struck by the size of her breasts, and is happy when he receives a note from her guardian. Miss Eva Letchford, encouraging him to become Flossie's companion because the girl has fallen in love with him. But Flossie has promised Miss Letchford that her hymen will remain intact. Sexual activity will have to be limited to fellatio and cunnilingus - "gamahuching" as the Victorians called oral sex - but as Flossie and Captain Archer practice them, these activities are never limited. Flossie is notable for its concentration on oral-genital activities, and its heroine's youth, as well as its direct, uncluttered language.
    Format: AVI
    Video codec: DivX
    Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
    Video: 704x528 (1.33:1), 25 fps, DivX Codec 5.2.1 alpha ~ 1207 kbps avg, 0.13 bit / pixel
    Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 126.14 kbps avg

    File size: 842.0 MB

    Download Flossie

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    1517 T33nPorn 1517

    Classic, Couples
    Starring 8 of Erotica's most beautiful women. Those Miami Spice girls sure have a nose for torrid trouble. Agents Amber Lynn and Sheri St. Clair go undercover to bag a big time drug dealer, but to do that, they've got to enlist Randy West's help. And a porno pool party does the trick.
    Duration :01:25:51


    File size: 699.1 MB

    Download Miami Spice 1 (1986)

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    570 T33nPorn 570

    Release Year: 1977
    Studio: Metro
    Cast: Annette Haven, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Laurien Dominique, Desiree West, Kay Parker, Kristine Heller, Amber Phillips, Joey Silvera
    Video language: English

    Starring the stunning Annette Haven as V, the film follows her transition from housewife to a successful young attorney to high-priced call girl, to cheap street whore. From the penthouses, the Mercedes, the minks and the sparkling dinner parties, dingy skid row hotel rooms, V and her companions lead us through every facet of sensual perversion. You'll follow her from her home to a penthouse filled with 12 couples engaged in an elaborate orgy, to a stylish brothel for discreet millionares, and finally to a cheap hotel where anything with anybody goes.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:30:04
    Video: 640x464, DivX 5, 897kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 681.8 MB

    Download V the Hot One (1977)

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    361 T33nPorn 361

    Directors: Laente Calicchio Raffaele Rossi
    Writers: Laente Calicchio (writer) Raffaele Rossi (writer)
    Release Date:1981 (Brazil)
    Plot Keywords:Hardcore
    Deusa Angelino,Michel Belmondo, Vânia Bonier, Zaira Bueno ... (segment "Férias de Amor"), Jussara Calmon, Regina Célia ... (segment "Férias de Amor"), Ilse Cotrim, Walter Laurentis ... (segment "Férias de Amor"), Oasis Minniti ... Eduardo
    Mar?­lia Nauę, Marly Palauro ... (segment "Férias de Amor"),
    Brazilian Erotic Movie with great explicit scenes..........

    File size: 771.4 MB

    Download Coisas Eroticas (1981)

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    757 T33nPorn 757

    Produced in: 1980
    Country: France
    Genre: Feature, Straight, Classic
    Duration: 01:03:21
    Language: French
    Director: Gerard Kikoine
    Studio: Alpha France

    Brigitte Lelaurain plays a maid, Dominique Saint Claire, Flore Soller, Julia Perrin, Mika Barthel, Sophie Duflot

    Talented GERARD KIKOINE signs on to once more a totally uncontrolled work environment in which it takes each interpreter, JULIA PERRIN in mind, in a delivery of their best sexual performance. Truculent and brilliant! This masterpiece warmly applauded by a crowd of enthusiastic spectators on the 2nd of July 1980 in the ALPHA-FRANCE movie theaters.

    Video quality: DVDRip
    Video format: MKV
    Video codec: H.264/AVC
    Audio codec: AC3
    Video: 720x528 (4/3), 25 fps, AVC H264 ~1914 kbps avg, 0.201 bit/pixel
    Audio: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2/0 (L,R) ch, ~192.00 kbps avg

    File size: 998.0 MB

    Download Hotel pour jeunes filles (1980) DVDRip

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    318 T33nPorn 318

    Release Year: 1981
    Studio: Cinderella Classics
    Cast: no info
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Compilation, Hardcore, All Sex, Lesby
    Video language: English

    Description: When women had real bushes and men had dicks the size of cucumbers! From the days of yesteryear when porn first began, and housewives seeking a thrill flocked to the Valley to be in movies. These chosen few were the first true 'no experience necessary' amateurs.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 01:52:37
    Video: 640x480, MPEG-4 Visual@ DivX 4, 937 Kbps
    Audio: 128 Kbps

    File size: 755.0 MB

    Download Diamond Collection #24 (1981) VHSRip

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    421 T33nPorn 421

    Feature, Straight, Classic, Interracial
    Duration: 01:09:59
    Language: English
    Format: avi
    Welcome to Amorous Acres, a low budget resort on the coast of Southern California. With its highly sexed, interracial collection of staff and clientele there is never a dull moment!
    As ebony hunk, Steve Harber, sinks his spear into the eager, Lauryl Canyon, the party begins! Lauryl also attracts the smokey beauty, Nina DePonca. Of course, Brandy Wine, along with, Nikki King, and her outrageous tits explode in scenes of their own, scenes where they devour every thrust pumped in their direction! Also, black Andonis, Ray Victory, is definitely buffed and pumped and for his role!

    File size: 695.8 MB

    Download Black Dreams (1988)

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    195 T33nPorn 195

    Release Year: 1988
    Studio: DBM Classic (Dino's Blue Movies)
    Cast: Hlne Chevalier, Valrie Dupont, Vanessa Bel Air, Joy Karins
    Genres: Classic/Retro,German Hardcore,Lesbian,Fisting,Pissing
    Video language: German

    Description: An excellent copy of a true CLASSIC in the hardcore lesbian fisting video genre !!! These pioneering women, and the videos they appear in (of which there are sadly too few of), are some of the 'ground-breakers' of the lesbian fisting genre we see in XXX film today. Notice young big-titted Joy Karins among the private party participants. There's a brief piss during the shower scene.

    Format: mpg
    Duration: 01:13:03
    Video: 352x288, MPEG Video, 1150 Kbps
    Audio: 224 Kbps

    File size: 728.6 MB

    Download Handy Girls! (1988) VHSRip

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