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Thread: Young Girls Fantasies Vintage And Retro

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    1074 T33nPorn 1074

    Release Year: 1985
    Studio: Paradise Visuals
    Cast: Jacqueline Lorians, Kay Parker, Tamara Longely, Lana Burner, Sheri St. Clair, Clair Wright, Steve Drake, Dan T. Mann, Jesie Adams
    Video language: English

    Five young women of the Yuppie Generation are frustrated with their lives in general, and their sexy lives in particular. They seek help at Kay's Retreat, where the famous Kay Parker gives them insights into their problems. Kay encourages them to open up their lives to new experiences, and open up they do. Frustrated and disappointed women evolve into hot and horny women who experiment with explicit sexual acts that express their new found freedom.

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 1:17:49
    Video: 352x240, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
    Audio: 250kbps

    File size: 792.4 MB

    Download (1985) - Ladies Of The 80s

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    790 T33nPorn 790

    ??? ????????????: 1986 ?.
    ??????: ?????
    ????: Classic, Loops Compilation
    ?????????????????: 0.55.40.
    ????: ????????

    ??????: Color Climax

    ? ?????: ?????? ? ???????? "?????" ??????? ?? ????? ????

    ????????: 20-? ????????? ?????. ? ?????? ????? 5 ?????:

    1.Oriental Ecstasy (super8 - color climax 1438; ?????????? ?????? - Eastern Ecstasy [Blue Climax 14]
    ? 3 Thai-Tarts [Exciting 12])
    2.Harem Service (super8 - color climax 1440; ?????????? ?????? - Harem Harlot [Exciting 13])
    3.Birthday Surprise (super8 - color climax 1368; ?????????? ?????? - Anniversary Orgy [Color Climax 103])
    4.Sex Club Special (super8 - color climax 1370; ?????????? ?????? - Cum with Us [Color Climax 110])
    5.Anal Clinic (super8 - color climax 1375; ?????????? ?????? - Rectum Remedy [Anal Sex 37])

    ???????? ?????: VHSRip
    ?????? ?????: AVI
    ????? ?????: XviD
    ????? ?????: MP3
    ?????: Video: Xvid 768x576 25.00fps [Stream 00]
    ?????: Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 22050Hz stereo 64Kbps [Stream 01]

    File size: 702.2 MB

    Download ????????? 120 ?? ????? "Danish Hardcore"

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    782 T33nPorn 782

    Street Date: 1960
    Country: USA
    Category: Retro Film Classics
    Company: Historic Erotic
    Runtime: 0:48:48
    Filesize: 443.07 Mb

    Starring: Peony Valentine, Mickey Yakker, Olivia Bernart, Trevor Meavert, Shelby Welles, Mickey Burke, Ozlow, Darleen Cremanti, Eileen Fentwinee, Carl Zuppo, Pender, Annie Volure, Connie Karey, Oswald Cobblepot
    Description: Peony Valentine has long dark hair, sexy legs that go on forever and small breasts that are perky and a very dark hairy bush. When she gently places her lips around Mickey Yakker's flaccid cock it slowly grows and hardens to her warm, wet touch. When he starts eating her pussy you can't help but feel the surge of emotion she feels as she gets ever closer to an orgasm. What is strange about this video is you can actually hear the director telling them what to do and what positions to get into while he uses a dildo on her, but never his cock

    Quality: DVDRip
    Format: AVI
    Video: DIVX 480x360 29.97fps [Stream 00]
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 56Kbps [Stream 01]

    File size: 443.1 MB

    Download Hardcore Treasure Chest 1960

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    715 T33nPorn 715

    Categories: Classic, All Sex
    Starring: Patricia Rhomberg, Siggi Buchner, Sepp Gneissl, Marie-France Morel, Linda Rogers, Irene Silver, Birgit Zamulo
    Studio: Herzog Video

    Between sin and lust young Josefine is becoming from an innocent girl to a highly recognised prostitute. The first sexual contacts she makes in her own home. Together with her step brother they watch their parents having sex. Afterwards they try out what they saw. Further experiences she makes with her neighbor. She likes to blow dicks and to get fucked. The wants to get satisfaction. Even her step father starts to play with her and the neighbors wife shows her at the end how to make money providing sexual services. And this is when she decides how her future will look like... Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:35:04
    Resolution: 512x384
    Size: 0.734 GB

    File size: 734.9 MB

    Download Josefine Mutzenbacher - Wie Sie Wirklich War Teil 1 (1989)

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    910 T33nPorn 910

    Release Year: 1962
    Studio: no info
    Cast: Rusty Allen - Pamela Walker, Jerry Stallion (Jerome Eden) - Keith Lawrence, Michael Borgine - Grady Ives, Pearl Krohn - Mrs. Simmons, Gene Courtier - Camp Director, Darrin Ainsworth - Gresham, ? ????? Avis Holmes, Linda Pitman, Diane Davis
    Genres: naturism, retro

    Excellent teacher Pamela Walker (stunningly gorgeous Rusty Allen, which was declared as the most beautiful girl in the world) called on the school board, after the director saw in the magazine "Nudist Life" her nude photos. Miss Walker had to defend himself, saying that the sun is the source of happiness, and rejects accusations of immorality. Some of the board members are convinced that it is simply shameless. Lawyer Keith Lawrence wants to know more about nudism, before making a decision, and is accompanied by Pamela in her next visit to the camp nudists. At the gate they meet the camp director, Pamela leaves the room to undress. After they meet again in the buff to enjoy all that nudism has to offer. Keith immediately see the many benefits of being a fan of the sun, but also realizes that Pamela - this is the girl he always wanted to find ...
    Extras. Information: Directed by using a new technique: the scene in the camp nudists were filmed on color film, but not naked scene - the usual black and white.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 01:10:13
    Video: 692x462, xvid, 1768 Kbps
    Audio: 160 Kbps

    File size: 888.1 MB

    Download Daughter of the Sun (1962) VHSRip

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    1164 T33nPorn 1164

    Language: English
    Size: 450MB
    Duration: 00:48:15
    Resolution: 480x360
    Format: .avi
    Quality VHSrip

    Street Date: 1960
    Title: Swingin Sexties
    Genre: Classic, Retro

    The shy Colin Tolen envied his friend about his success with women. Tolen, who will enlighten him about the "Knack" advised him to buy a double bed. When they meet Nancy, an attractive girl from the provinces, a fierce competition breaks out for them. The turbulent comedy by Richard Lester, director of the Beatles' movies, is a stunning portrait of the "Swinging London" of the sixties.

    File size: 450.3 MB

    Download Swingin Sexties 1960

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    831 T33nPorn 831

    Release Year: 1984
    Studio: Alpha France
    Cast: Barbara Legrand, Cathy Menard, Christine Black, Diane Dupont, Emmanuelle Pareze
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Feature, All Sex
    Video language: French

    Description: Alban hides a bag of stolen diamonds in a girlfriend's pussy . He later extracts them - fisting while being wanked. This is intercut with Cathy Menard having sex on stage with Gabriel Pontello watched by Eva Kleber and Jacques Marbeuf Alban visits another girlfriend, a blonde (Laura Clair). They sex on table. The blonde takes Alban to Marilyn Jess's place and leaves him. Alban and Marilyn have sex. The blonde goes to the club and into the changing room - Lise Pinson is one of those changing along with couple of other familiar faces (XNK0086 and XNK0087) as well as the blonde. Dominique St-Clair, Uschi Karnat and Cathy Menard arrive at Marilyn's place and find Alban. They are not pleased. Mika Barthel has b/g sex on stage in front of an audience. There is a brief g/g scene between Dominique Saint Claire and Marilyn Jess. Then we see Dominique on the phone to Jacques Marbeuf while he gets a bj in his office from Eva Kleber. Alban visits a fence to find same two girls as in French Satisfaction, there is a similar sex scene - two separate b/g, Alban with a blonde (Marianne Wackerle), and the fence (John Leslie lookalike) with Barbara Legrand. Alban goes to a country cottage and has sex with a girl in white dress . In the sex club, Gabriel Pontello and two other men drag in Dominique Saint Claire, Marilyn Jess, Uschi Karnat and Cathy Menard. They fight back and have sex with the men. Alban and Laura Clair leave on a plane - bj in the seats. A black man with huge limp dick is sent by Jacques Marbeuf to interrogate Alban's first girlfriend . At their destination Alban and Laura Clair have sex in a taxi and in a park, Alban, unaware of a watching gendarme, cumming over his shoes.

    Format: mkv
    Duration: 01:02:40
    Video: 720x512, AVC, 2000 Kbps
    Audio: 192 Kbps

    File size: 988.8 MB

    Download Fantasmes de femmes (1984) DVDRip AVC

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    1450 T33nPorn 1450

    Release Year: 1986
    Studio: AVC
    Cast: Bubbles Darling, John Leslie, Sheena Horne, Keisha, Ebony Ayes, Nina Hartley, Randy West, Tom Byron
    Genres: classic, group, feature
    Video language: English

    Office politics have never been sexier than in this tantalizing look at executive style seduction. Busty beauty Keisha stars as the top dog at Platonic Industries, a maker of high tech contraceptives. Everything is going swimmingly until she hires Scott Irish, a new employee who yearns to be all he can be. Even more than that, he yearns to take on Keisha, as we see in a stunningly torrid fantasy coupling. One day Scott discovers that his desktop computer actually has a mind of its own. Not only that, but it can show him how various of his fellow workers got to the top of the company. As you might guess, everyone basically got to where they are through the tenacious trading of sexual favors. Even his dream girl Keisha slept her way to the top of the ladder. Scott then blackmails his way into his own office, and now everyone must try and suck up to him. The whole thing is awfully silly, but the sex sizzles throughout. Keisha shines in her scenes, bouncing her way to perfect bliss with the ardor of a born porner. Legendary lust bunny Nina Hartley is also red hot and ready for action, as she proves when she dabbles in some desktop dilly dallying. And curvalicious African-American stunner Ebony Ayes gets her licks in during a frantic interracial scorcher. A fast-paced and fun frolic that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:25:30
    Video: 592x432, XviD, 1060kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 749.8 MB

    Download Nooner (1986) DVDRip

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    214 T33nPorn 214

    The movie is also known as:,Die Puppenfalle,Secrets in the Dark,The Younger the Better,Vrouwtjes die'm er graag tussennemen
    Sex Comedy
    DVDRip AVI
    Duration : 79:17 min.
    Director:Alois Brummer
    Writer:Alois Brummer
    Stars:Victor Lange, Ulrike Butz and Horst Gebert

    It is story of young girls and therir sexual life. they just love hard coock and use it all the time.
    Amd it is all in vintage style made. real vintage candy.

    Video: Xvid 320x208 25.00fps [Video]
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps [Audio]

    File size: 785.4 MB

    Download Geilermanns Tochter - Wenn Madchen mundig werden (1983)

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    1027 T33nPorn 1027

    Street Date: 1997
    Title: Aphrodite Die Gottin Der Lust
    Runtime: 1:38:52
    Category: Feature, Anal, Oral
    Company: MMV
    Director: Joe d'Amato
    Starring: Aliona, Jennifer Loca as Laura Lee, Marzia Visconti, Nicolette, Olivia del Rio, Paula White, Ursula Moore, Valeria Horj as Vally
    Story: Unsere Geschichte spielt irgendwann im 2. Jh. v. Christus: Grunzend wie ein Schwein rammt Konig Uranus einem Eheweib das steifgeblasene, konigliche Zepter in den Arsch. Kriegsgott Ares treibt es heimIich mit der Gottin des Tanzes. Die dicktittige Hupf-Dohle mit der stark behaarten Scham reisst sich ungeniert den Arsch auf. Doch wer ist die schonste Frau der Antike? Athene, Hera oder Aphrodite?

    Video: Xvid 640x480 25.00fps [Video]
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps [Audio

    File size: 800.5 MB

    Download Aphrodite Goddess of Love (1997)

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