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Thread: Only Oldies 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s Vintage Collection

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    Teeny Exzesse 17 Heisser Draht Phone Sex bis zum spritzen

    Teeny Exzesse 17 - Heisser Draht Phone Sex bis zum spritzen

    Director:Harry S. Morgan
    Lydia Baum (as Lydia)
    Sinja Desirée ... Susie (as Susanne)
    Harry Killer
    Diana Siefert (as Dagmar)
    Ela Star (as Daniela)
    Barbara Stiller (as Barbara)
    Plot Keywords:Fingering | Male Nudity | Vagina | Sperm | Topless Female Nudity |
    Release Date:1992 (Germany)
    Also Known As:The Hot Liners (International: English title)
    Plot: this is story about group of young college girls that at first enjoy phone sex but as time goes by they make their fantasies come thru and get their holes filled with real cooks.
    Duration : 1h 20mn

    File size: 834.7 MB

    Download Teeny Exzesse 17 - Heisser Draht Phone Sex bis zum spritzen

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    Die Kanzlei

    Die Kanzlei

    Release Year: 1920
    Video language: German

    Die Kanzlei war schon immer ein Ort der offenen Worte und des Herzausschuttens! Doch so mancher Anwalt mu?te sich um 1920 was einfallen lassen, um an sein Geld zu kommmen! Um ihre Rechnung zu bezahlen, kommt die Dame mit ihrer Tochter zum Anwalt-plotzlich geht es in seinem Haus hei? herr.

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 1:03:41
    Video: 352x288, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
    Audio: 218kbps

    File size: 643.4 MB

    Download Die Kanzlei

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    Erotica Video 2

    Erotica Video 2.

    Starring: Anita Berglund
    FileSize: 699,17 Mb
    Runtime: 0:48:03
    Video: DivX 5 768×576 25.00fps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

    If you want more than regular porn that
    gives word erotica true meaning that watch this movie
    and enjoy all hardcore scenes
    in new artistic way but still
    get explicit hard fucking scenes.

    File size: 699.3 MB

    Download Erotica Video 2.

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    I really want (J'ai très envie) (1977)

    I really want (J'ai très envie) (1977)

    Release Year: 1977
    Studio: Fil a Film
    Genres: Classic, Feature

    Jean and Mona anxious to experiment new forms of sexual relations, have decided to propose their house for sales. Helped by their maid, they will practise their insatiable quest for craziest pleasure on all their visitors. This trap will perfectly work out: the buyers will stay and the house will be changed into a real erotic community?

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:33:26
    Video: 632x448, XviD, 1000kbps
    Audio: 31kbps

    File size: 776.0 MB

    Download I really want (J'ai très envie) (1977)

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    Lisa Meets Mr Big (1975)

    Lisa Meets Mr. Big (1975)

    Release Year: 1975
    Studio: Something Weird Video
    Cast: Marlene Willoughby, Sharon Mitchell, Susaye London, Alan Marlow, Ashley Moore, Gilbert Palmitier, Leo Lovemore, Russ Carlson
    Genres: Classic, Feature, Straight, All Sex
    Video language: English

    Finally! A blistering behind-the-scenes peek at the King and Queen of Something Weird Video and their insatiable, often scandalous love-life, involving... Oh. Wait. Different film. Sorry.

    Finally! A blistering take-off on the mainstream classic Guess Who?s Coming to Dinner, the off-kilter Lisa Meets Mr. Big shows us what really happened after din-din that night!

    Young and nubile SHARON MITCHELL gets to see, and suck, her new husband?s cock for the first time on their honeymoon... And she loves it! He?s not called "Mr. Big" for nothing, folks! Problem is, Sharon?s socialite family will not approve of their daughter?s marriage to an Afro-American. But as she tells her mom, "A good man is hard to find, but a hard man is good to find!" So Mom has to see for herself.

    In fact, the whole family, including the randy maid and stiff-pricked butler, get to see for themselves. However, the family?s "enlightenment" is in large measure owing to socialite chum MARLENE WILLOUGHBY, whose liberalism loves a big fat cock without regard to race, color, or creed.

    The Deviate?s favorite moment is when Dad, upon seeing his new son-in-law, clutches his chest a In Red "Sanford" Fox, and accidentally knocks over a huge house plant while everyone pretends not to notice.

    File size: 700.0 MB

    Download Lisa Meets Mr. Big (1975)

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    Teenage Bestsellers


    Teenage Bestsellers: Video 252 International (video box title) (English title)
    File size: 500 MB
    Format: AVI
    Video: 720x480 (1.50:1), 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~1692 kbps avg, 0.16 bit/pixel
    Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

    File size: 499.8 MB

    Download Teenage.Bestsellers

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    Eine wahnsinns Braut

    Eine wahnsinns-Braut

    Release Year: 1984
    Studio: Viola Video
    Cast: Georgina, Lempin as Peggy, Sunshine Susana Taube as Rosie Lange, Paul Schroder, Gerd Thoma, Anne Berger
    Video language: German

    Secretary mit riesigen Titten Georgina Lempin) verwöhnt Chef, hat die junge Braut Spaß vor der Hochzeit - einfache deutschen Films.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:28:21
    Video: 464x352, DivX 4, 911kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 678.6 MB

    Download Eine wahnsinns-Braut

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    Make Mine Milk (1978)

    Make Mine Milk (1978)

    Language: English
    Size: 700MB
    Duration: 00:59:10
    Resolution: 480x360
    Format: .avi
    Quality XviD

    Street Date: 1978
    Title: Make Mine Milk
    Genre: Classic, Retro

    Tonight at the Dirty Drive-In, a protein filled spectacular! Milky returns in ?Make Mine Milk? and she?s still gushing warm dairy droplets for any horny man or woman who needs a drink.

    File size: 700.5 MB

    Download Make Mine Milk (1978)

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    Inside Olinka (Marilyn)

    Inside Olinka (Marilyn)

    Release Year: 1985
    Studio: Caballero
    Genres: Straight

    After years of being called Marilyn, Evelyn finally threw in the towel and accepted the nickname. To her surprise, from that point on her sex life soared off the Richter scale. There are a few men who can resist the challenge of seducing and bedding this sensationally beautiful blonde bombshell.

    File size: 856.1 MB

    Download Inside Olinka (Marilyn)

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    Les Femmes des autres (1978)

    Les Femmes des autres (1978)

    Studio: Alpha France
    Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert
    Starring: Alexandra Sand, Barbara Stephen, Karine Gambier, Danielle David, Jean Gerard, Andre Miller.
    FileSize: 846.44 Mb
    Runtime: 01:31:50
    Video: XviD, 640×432, 25.00fps, 1700Kbps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3, 48000Hz, stereo, 128Kbps

    Scene 1 is in Jean & Karine's kitchen.
    Scenes 2-5 are at the first dinner party.
    Scene 6 is the rape scene.
    Scenes 7 & 8 are in the woods.
    Scene 9 is the g/g in Karine's "junk room".
    Scenes 10-15 are at the second dinner party, i.e. the swingers' orgy.

    Another film about a couple who discover that swinging with other couples can make their own sex life much more exciting.

    Andre Miller comes home from work looking forward to watching the football finals, and discovers that the TV isn't working. So his wife, Daniele David, goes to ask the neighbors in the apartment next to theirs if he can watch the finals on their TV. She interrupts the neighbors, Jean Gerard and Karine Gambier, as he's working in the kitchen nude while she's giving him head. Karine suggests that they come and join them for dinner while Andre watches the finals.

    As Andre sits in front of the TV eating, the other three are at the dinner table, and Jean and Karine put the moves on Daniele. They confess to being swingers. At first, Daniele is taken aback and seems but gradually she gives in to their seduction. (We get the feeling that her sex life with Andre is not all that exciting.)

    Karine joins Andre in front of the TV and as he's absorbed in watching the game, she caresses his crotch, unzips his pants and goes down on him. He looks over at his wife at the dinner table and see's that she's making out with Jean. Before long the TV is turned off and they are having a hot foursome...

    File size: 847.0 MB

    Download Les Femmes des autres (1978)

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