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Thread: Real Retro Adult Films

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    Georgia Peach

    Release Year: 1977
    Studio: Command Video
    Cast: Jeffrey Hurst, John Bush (as John Banner), Lonnie Rich, Pierre Mataux, Rudolph Regal, Tony Ripley, Zebedy Colt
    Genres: Feature, Straight, Anal, Classic
    Video language: English

    A rigid, repressed college boy erupts-smothered in forbidden fruit by bed, outrageous young blondes. Hot faculty and student bodies in glistening joy!

    File size: 996.7 MB
    Download Georgia Peach

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    A Shot in the Mouth

    Release Year: 1990
    Cast: Kim Alexis, Lauren Brice, Paula Price, Raven Richards etc
    Genres: Classic, Retro, Feature

    The Pink Pussy is missing and needs to be found. A large diamond has gone missing and it's up to the the inspector with a bad accent to infiltrate a convent in an attempt to find the thief who took the Pink Pussy! He finds more than just the Pink Pussy he was looking for!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:11:48
    Video: 512x384, XviD, 1792kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 1.0 GB
    Download A Shot in the Mouth

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    Heaven's Touch

    Release Year: 1983
    Cast: Cheri Champagne,Gail Sterling,Jade East,Joanna Storm
    Genres: Classic, Retro
    Video language: English

    Thank you mougah, for posting this great Classic movie.
    Gail Sterling, you always ware HOT panties, I like your black nylon and black culottes, it's making a very good contrast with your beautiful soft white ASS, in the opening scene a very HOT CLIT licking and massage to get it hard before the great FUCK, excellent photography.
    Sharon Kane, Ron Jeremy A great BJ HUGE CUM SHOT on her face and right eye, poor Sharon!
    Kelly Nichols, You are so sexy; I love your NATURAL BOOBS and HOT sexy body, your fingers massaging your CUNT and around his COCK was the sparkle to the CUM Explosin!
    Sharon Kane, you FUCKED tell death, never seen a better 69 or COCK and BALL massage while he is FUCKING your sweet CUNT than you did [DO NOT forget Loni Sanders in Blond Goddess]
    Gail Sterling, Kelly Nichols, Sharon Kane 26. You are ALL so sexy; I love your NATURAL BOOBS and HOT sexy bodies. 26 You always bring to mind the HOT memories of the golden age of Classic porn 26 OHH the 80's ladies!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:27:53
    Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 947kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 700.0 MB
    Download Heaven's Touch

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    Color Climax - Young Thai Tourist - Tiny Tove

    Release Year: 1980
    Studio: Color Climax
    Cast: Chulida, Swanee, Tiny Tove
    Genres: vintage, teens, babes, big dicks
    Video language: Swedish

    Color Climax Teenage Bestsellers 260.
    This beautiful porn movie was shot in 1980, but it is topical and modern. Tiny Tove the beautiful porn actress. Tiny Tove and her friends have it off very nicely by two guys with huge cock. A movie to watch masturbating.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 8:47
    Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1680kbps
    Audio: 109kbps

    File size: 115.8 MB
    Download Color Climax - Young Thai Tourist - Tiny Tove

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    Indian Lady

    Release Year: 1981
    Studio: Gourmet Video
    Cast: Debbie Truelove, Toni Reenee, Jerry Davis, Andrea Martin, Rick Valenzio, Sunny Summers, Kelly Mathews, Harry Moran, Angela O'Day, Starr Johnson, George Beaumont, Charles Antony, See Star Bios...
    Genres: Classic, oral, group, lesbi
    Video language: English

    Her name is Debbie Truelove, a lusty lady of mystery. She's half Indian, half American, and all nympho! Wearing her favorite pair of roller skates, she rolls in and out of countless arousing situations, beginning with a hot photo session that gets out of hand when the horny shutterbug seduces two gorgeous models. Then, Debbie leads us through a typical day for her; filled with enough girl-girl encounters, group gropes, and outrageous couplings to satisfy even the most jaded fan! So, wanna crawl in her teepee, or what?

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:09:52
    Video: 352x288, DivX 5, 762kbps
    Audio: 172kbps

    File size: 490.1 MB
    Download Indian Lady

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    Release Year: 1992
    Studio: DinoVision
    Genres: All Sex
    Video language: German

    Eine Karriere vom Klavierschlepper zum Clubbesitzer verlangt - im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes - viel Stehvermögen (und, logo, Girls mit radikal offenem Wesen!). In einer beispiellos gutgeschmierten Odyssee besinnungsloser Geilheit durchpflügen der Karrierist und seine Freunde megafeuchte Fötzchen und schier endlos phallusgierige Arschlöcher (in einem Fall passen gleich zwei Schwänze ins Heck...) und sprühen wunderbare Sperma-Graffities über zarte Gesichtshaut.. Eine Highclass-Orgie gespickt mit Sex-Action vom Feinsten, lasziven Orgasmen - und gleich sieben Supergirls der schärfsten Kategorie.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:19:13
    Video: 512x384, XviD, 558kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 403.4 MB
    Download Blow.Time.DINOVISION.German

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    2 Suedoises a Paris

    Release Year: 1976
    Studio: Fleury
    Cast: Chantal Nora, Ellen Earl, Eva Anderson
    Genres: Classic, Retro
    Video language: English

    Two young Swedish girls, Ulla and Ingrid, arrive in Paris to be au-pair girls.
    They are to be employed by Mr and Mrs Dupont. After being coldly welcomed by the
    wife, they find themselves naked on the sofa with the husband while his wife mastubates
    in the company of her dog who couldn't care less. When the girls have finished with the
    husband, the wife is taken care of. On hearing what's going on in his wife's bedroom,
    Mr. Dupont joins in while Ingrid disappears from the screen.

    The following day, the two girls decide to leave their hosts and go for a naked ride
    with two bikers they have just met (I guess this must be what joy riding is about!).

    The two girls go back to the Duponts to get their things packed and leave them. Bye
    bye scrumptious Ellen Earl. See you in another film! Well, not yet. Before disappearing
    from the film for good, the couple make love again (seems that Ellen has less fun with
    Insermini than she usually has with J. Marbeuf!).

    The two girls settle down with the bikers and they soon fall into each other's arms
    and legs. Lucky the bearded one ends up with Chantal Naura who definitely knows how
    to handle such a situation. Poor Eva Anderson seems very awkward.

    The next day, the girls are at the Swedish embassy to find a new job. Which leads
    them to a tall blonde and Charlie Schreiner who take them to a party in their country
    house in Normandy.

    There he organizes a sort of blindman's-buff game. The two men are blindfolded and
    they have to recognize the six girls. This leads to some more sex which could really
    have been fun had the lighting been better, and the sound live.

    Somewhere in the house a blonde masturbates to Japanese music. Who is she? This
    question didn't seem to cross the director's mind.

    Then we are treated to a short lesbian scene involving Chantal Naura and the tall
    blonde girl. Then orgy time with the two men, the two au-pairs, Eva Khris and two
    others previously met by the swimming pool. Then the two girls hitch their way back
    to their biking friends and some more sex.

    The following day, the four of them have a little outing by a river which gives
    Chantal Naura the opportunity of a (simulated ?) double penetration, and Eva
    Anderson that of a blowjob and doggie-style.

    After debating over their return to Sweden, the girls decide to stay a little
    longer in France and the two bikers declare their love to them.

    Unexpectedly, we see the two girls ringing at a man's door for another placement.
    He tries to kiss one. They threaten to depart which they eventually do, leaving
    him to his dream of hiring a fat Breton au-pair girl instead.

    Before going home, the two girls phone their biking friends who take them away
    to Sweden for a 'collective wedding'.

    File size: 845.8 MB
    Download 2 Suedoises a Paris

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    Wild Dallas Honey (1982)

    Release Year: 1982
    Studio: Caballero Home Video
    Cast: Brooke West, Honey Wilder, Anna Ventura
    Genres: Classic, Retro
    Video language: English

    When a ramrodding rodeo star (Randy West) is released from prison, his fantasies are filled with an explosive Texas-Size homecoming celebration with his luscious lady (Honey Wilder). But when this lusty longhorn finds out his Wild Dallas Honey has hitched her wagon (and that's not all) to a wealthy businessman, sparks fly and the couple splits-- only to start an outrageous sexual saga!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:33:07
    Video: 576x432, XviD, 891kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 701.1 MB
    Download Wild Dallas Honey (1982)

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    The Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers

    Year: 1989
    Country: USA
    Genre: Documentary, Adult, Comedy, Sex, Outtakes, Hardcore, Blooper Reel
    Length: 1:10:46
    Language: English

    Directed by: Bobby Hollander
    Studio: Gourmet Video

    Cast: Amanda Tyler
    Amber Lynn
    Ashley Brooks
    Breezy Lane
    Bunny Bleu
    Cara Lott
    Charlie Waters
    Christy Canyon
    Connie Bennett
    Debbie Northrup
    Donna N.
    Elle Rio
    Frankie Leigh
    Gina Valentino
    Ginger Lynn
    Heather Wayne
    Ines Akker
    Jeanna Fine
    Jennifer Noxt
    Jessica Wylde
    K.C. Valentine
    Keli Richards
    Laurie Smith
    Linda Shaw
    Little Oral Annie
    Mai Lin
    Misty Dawn
    Misty Regan
    Pamela Jennings
    Porsche Lynn
    R. Torres
    Rhonda Jo Petty
    Rikki Blake
    Sharon Mitchell
    Shauna Grant
    Stacey Donovan
    Stephanie Rage
    Tamara Longley
    Tami White
    Tanya Foxx
    Tara Blake
    Tracey Adams
    Viper [Bald] Blake Palmer
    Buck Adams
    Craig Roberts
    David Sanders
    Eric Edwards
    James Dean
    Jerry Butler
    John Wright
    Kevin James
    Marc Wallice
    R. Bolla
    Randy Paul
    Randy West
    Ray Wells
    Rick Cassidy
    Ron Jeremy
    Sasha Gabor
    Tom Byron

    Description: Sixty nine. A telling number, don't you think? that's the complete cast listing for this fascinating new video from Gourmet. A highly abridged sampling can be found above this review, and I'm sure you'll agree there isn't a bad apple in the bunch. Kudos to Ron Wasserman for assembling the results from the inexhaustible supply of way footage from the Gourmet vaults. Wacky World is a far cry form just another blooper reel-aside from the flubbed lines, failed erections, and impossible-to-maintain positions, this item also provides a (pardon the pun) penetrating look behind the scenes of the adult film business. Of particular interest are snippets where Ron Jeremy gets quite pissed when the cameras roll before his famous hard-on gets hard, and director Bobby Hollander scolds the cast for too much chatter and not enough obeying his commands. Herchel Savage imparts his philosophy of love to Misty Regan in between takes, not realizing his comments are captured on tape forever. A must see for hardcore fans!

    Video quality:
    Video Format: AVI
    Video Codec: XviD
    Audio Codec: MP3
    Video: AVI, 560x416, 29 fps, 168 kbps, 12 bit, XviD
    Audio: LameMP3, 59 kbit / s

    File size: 699.3 MB
    Download The Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers

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    Educating Mandy (Traci Lords) (1985)

    Year: 1985
    Country: USA
    Genre: Clasic
    Length: 1:05:38
    Studio: CDI Home Video
    Directed by: Royce Shepard
    Cast: Traci Lords, Harry Reems, Christy Canyon, Gina Valentino, Heather Wayne, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Ken Starbuck, Francois Papillon, Craig Roberts.

    Description: Mandy's (Traci Lords) husband is cheating on her. So she confers with her bisexual girlfriends (played by Heather Wayne and Christy Canyon). In a series of flashbacks from her own life, Christy tries to prove that's the way of men, married or not. Mandy tries to get her revenge by screwing with the pool man. Heather tells her about a plumber who arrived while she was in the shower, but finally Mandy goes to see Jim (Peter North), a lawyer. Jim, it turns out, has wanted her all his life, and of course he will be faithful. Women may not like this film, but men will be entranced with the lush bodies of Traci and Christy.

    Quality: SATRip (good quality)
    Format: AVI
    Video codec: DivX
    Audio codec: MPEG Audio
    Video: DivX5 640x480 25.00fps 1298Kbps [Video 0]
    Audio: MPEG2 Audio Layer 3 24000Hz mono 22Kbps [Audio 1]

    File size: 625.7 MB
    Download Educating Mandy (Traci Lords) (1985)

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