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Duration : 01:25:40
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Straight, Classic
Starring: Desiree Farrari, Candy Burroughs, Robin Stone, Jonathan Savage, Suzy Love, Lisa Lott, Veronica, Sam Brick, Peter Small, Christine Summers, Don Harden, Honey Suckle.
Are you tired of your boss? Is your wife feeding you leftovers again? Do you need some excitement in your life? Cheerleaders has your prescription! Take off your shoes, hold on to your seat and take a deep breath cause Cheerleaders will blow you away with sensual sensations. Uncompromising and this movie has been designed to give you total satisfaction whatever your fantasy. Join our hero Jerry in his quest to find the girl of his dreams. Mesmerized by this uncontrollable desire, his only purpose in life is locating those innocent Cheerleaders from High School memories to realize his fantasy.

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