Year: 1981
Country: France
Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples
Language: French

Cathy Dupré plays a butter saleswoman
Cathy Stewart
Laura Clair
Marianne Aubert
Nicole Segaud
Obaya Roberts
Vanessa [2] uncredited, plays the hotel maid

Description: Marianne RBE and Guy Royer - unmarried couple swingers. They seduce any man or woman with whom stolknutsya.Film begins from the moment they are studying ads, while having sex. Typist Kathy Stewart went to print something, she does not mind being seduced her, but flees in terror when Marianne wants them prisoedinitsya.Sleduyuschaya typist, Laura Clair has nothing against it.
Pausing in the street to park the car, Jean-Pierre Armand climbs into the apartment and finds his wife making love with drugom.Samoe correct in this case, he and Marianne to join them.
After the wedding, Guy and Marianne decide to spend their honeymoon at the hotel, which allows the owner to observe the pair.
Returning home, they convince a sex shop saleswoman to demonstrate the effectiveness of lubricant sold.
Laid for parking fines, but Marianne knows how to convince the policeman to hush up the affair.
In the last scene, they meet a widow (Nicole Segoda) to right on the nature prove to her that life is not over yet.

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