Release Year: 2012
Studio: Red MILF
Cast: Rachel Steele, Karinne, Jessie Taylor, Keri, Stacie Starr, Josh, Crista Love, Brian
Genres: Solo, All Sex, Couples, Nylon, Stockings, Smoking, Incest, MILF
Video language: English

Rachel came home to find her stepson on her bed jerking off and sniffing her panties. She yelled at him and humiliated him. He apologized but he could not hide his attraction to her any longer. She was a bitch and decided to take advantage of his weakness. Rachel slowly undressed in front of him, like a stripper. She ordered him to continue to jack off. She got down to sexy lingerie and teased him some more. She became bored so she lit up a long white cigarette. She blew smoke in his face and laughed. His cock grew harder. Rachel knew he had a smoking fetish. She oiled his cock up and stroked it, blowing smoke on it to drive him wild. Rachel put her cigarette in her pussy and in her ass to display for him. She sucked his cock a bit and smoked the whole time. He wanted to cum, but Rachel made him wait. She wanted to tease him more.

Rachel found her stepson jacking off on her bed with her panties. After she teased him by stripping, she began smoking. Rachel knew his fetish. She blew him while smoking, slowly shooting smoke on his hard cock, teasing the hell out of him. She jerked him and blew smoke on him. Rachel ordered him to fuck her doggy while she smoked. She laughed at his obedience. He fucked her fast as she continued to smoke. He was going to cum, so Rachel pulled away and said she wanted another smoke and to suck his cock. He fingered her while she sucked and smoked. He was getting ready to explode when she told him she was not done, he would have to last as long as she wanted.

Rachel's stepson had been dying to cum for her. She had caught him jacking off with her panties. She stripped slowly to tease him. Then she began smoking and sucking his cock. Rachel took slow drags off her cigarette and blew it on his cock. She jerked him and smoked. She had stopped him from cumming several times, as she wanted it to last. Finally, she sucked his cock so hard with a smoke in her hand he came right in her mouth. She sat up and let the cum drip on to her tits. Rachel took another long, sexy drag and told him to watch her masturbate. Rachel made him jerk off while she humiliated him verbally. She put her smoke in her pussy and in her ass. Rachel masturbated until she came.

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