In the process of writing a dissertation on sexual works by contemporary artists, Lisa meets with Thomas, the artist and are generally very attractive kid. Chatting and confused after watching his erotic works, she follows him into the nearest hotel to a violent sexual session.
Returning home to his native boyfriend, Lisa indulges in luxuriant sex, trying to atone for guilt. As compared with Thomas not in favor of her old friend, she decided to visit Thomas once more, this time in his studio, where she has to hide in the closet because of a meeting of Thomas with his muse.
Sitting in a closet and watched as the muse Carol "inspires" Thomas, Lisa comes to a state of total frustration, and returning to his thesis continues to dream ...
Angela Tiger has created another masterpiece of erotic, in the footsteps of his last film "Spirits of Desire." Two of the best French porn actresses - Kattsumi and Tiffany Hopkins - laid out on the 110% in this hot hit.

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