Release Year: 2010
Cast: Jozel
Genres: Solo, Erotic

Extended Bio: I am very smart, kind, polite and with good manners. I like skiing and diving. Also I read a lot of books and I watch a lot of movies. I watched more than two thousand films. What about my dream? Some people want to reach the sky. Some people dream about money, success or how to get rich and die trying. Yeah, 50 cent said so. ĎGet rich or die tryingí I donít support this opinion, maybe because Iím woman. I stand for peace & love - not for war. I guess itís for people with no choice. But still I think everybody made his own choice - to be a gangster and robber, to kill people and make them feel bad, or to become a doctor and help to save someoneís life. Itís much easier to give up and just to go down than to climb up the high hills with a lot of obstacles on your way. So I choose the hard life with its difficulties. But you feel so happy when you reach the goal! My dream is to be happy!

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